Plastic Surgery in Boca Raton, FL

Why do people want to have Plastic Surgery?

Plastic Surgery in Boca Raton, FLThere are many reasons why people want to have plastic surgery. The surgeon will listen to their concern and once he is convinced their motives make sense, he will agree to operate.

Here are some of the reasons people choose to have Plastic surgery

1.) Heredity

We are born with certain genes, which determine how we will look through your life. Therefore some of us will be more motivated to have plastic surgery than others.

2.) Reverse the sign of aging

As much as we try to de-age and delay the signs of aging, time catches up with all of us. As we lose volume from our face, various kinds of fillers and vollumisers can turn the clock back by a few years. When the skin becomes too loose a facelift may take 10-15 years off our appearance. In general, the cost of plastic surgery is determined by the time the surgeon spends in surgery with the patient. A facelift of women in her mid forties might take less time than a woman in her sixties, and therefore be less expensive. than a woman who gets it in her sixties.

If you goal is to keep looking young through the years it will better to have smaller but more frequent treatments.

3) Sun damaged skin.

In the past there was little awareness of how bad the sun is for the skin. People used to bake in the sun unprotected, until they achieved a perfect tan. They looked for tanning beds as a great way for a fast inexpensive tan. Unfortunately, as we know today, these UV rays damaged the skin and caused premature aging and deep lines. Advanced signs of sun damage include age spots, sagging skin, deep wrinkles. Various kinds of creams and light peels can help in these situations.

4) Acne Scars.

Acne scars can affect the person’s level of confidence. Unfortunately it is not possible to remove all types of scars, but they can be improved by reducing the inflammation of the skin, through resurfacing, micro dermabrasion and the DMMD cream.

5) Fixing physical issues.

Sometimes plastic surgery is required to help with eyelid hooding called blepharoplasty. Plastic surgery can help a person to breath better and improve the nasal deformity. This procedure is called Rhinoplasty. Body contouring can benefit patients who lost large amount of weight. Breast reduction can help large sagging breasts.

6) Smoking damage.

If one has been a heavy smoker they might have developed sagging dull skin, which looks aged beyond the years. Creams and chemical peel can lift and improve the appearance of the face. Unless the patient is willing to quit smoking for a period leading up to the surgery he/she may not be able to get the desired results.

7) Career boost.

The added confidence that plastic surgery can give you, may help your work relationship as well as your interaction with clients and customers. There are young models, actors and singers who like to have plastic surgery in order to make themselves look more attractive. There are many middle aged professional who like to reverse the signs of aging so that they can compete with more confidence and fit better with the younger work force.

8) Fit and be liked

Being liked and accepted by others is a common reason why people want to have plastic surgery. The media dictates what society views as attractive. If you don’t have ”the look” you may feel unattractive and your mood and personality may suffer. If plastic surgery can make you look more like what is considered attractive, such as large breast or a contoured nose, than your mood and or personality are likely to benefit from these procedures.

9) Teenage plastic surgery

Some parents want their children to have plastic surgery because they think it can benefit them while in school. For example protruding ears or another facial disfigurement may be a reason the parent believes it has a negative effect on their child’s life. The guideline for plastic surgery for children and young adults is to perform plastic surgery only when dealing with deformities and abnormalities and not purely for cosmetic reasons.

10) New changes in life

Having a fresh start in life can be helpful in many ways and plastic surgery can help you achieve your goals.

11) After pregnancy

Having a baby can leave the woman’s body unattractive. Young mothers might want to get have their before pregnancy body back. Common complaints are sagging breast and loose wrinkly tummy. These issue can be addressed by plastic surgery.

12) Removal of fat.

Overweight people who loose weight quickly develop lots of excess of skin that may be removed only by surgery. The procedure will be a tummy tuck or in more severe cases a body lift. Less drastic fat removal can be achieved by liposuction, which has minimal scarring and a quick recovery.