Absolutely amazing! The whole process from beginning to start was just so easy and comfortable. Shayna is amazing and makes sure everything is taken care of and ready to go for the surgery. The day of the surgery, EVERYONE made sure I was both mentally and physically ready to begin the process. They made sure I was confident and held my hand through every step of the way. After the surgery, I stayed overnight under the care of 2 amazing nurses. Laura and Sabin. They truly make you feel at home and are there for you the whole time. Beyond satisfied with how they both treated me! Finally, Dr. Man is phenomenal. His work speaks for itself. Everything turned out amazing. He went to check up on me 2 times while I stayed and even went back to the office to see me after hours. Constantly stayed in touch during the healing process to make sure everything was good and going how it should be. I am so happy I picked Dr Daniel Man and his amazing office/staff to do this procedure for me. Everything went so perfectly in every aspect of getting a surgery done. I wouldn’t even waste my time looking at other places if you are someone looking to get any type of procedure they offer.

- F.E.

"The care and attention I received while in recovery was fantastic, it simpoly could not have been better. You explained what I should expect gfromt he various treatments and what would happen each step along the way. Everyone gave 100% to ensure that I was comfortable."

- N.V.

"Feeling good about yoru appearance makes you feel strong and secure in all that you do. Thank you for your advice and guidance in my interest and decision to pursue plastic surgery."

- Z.S.

"My stay in the long term recovery suite was most pleasant. I received a "Royal" treatment for someone who could not do much, not even look in the mirror. I believe the extra care with Dermawave was very soothing and the Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments very relaxing. Thank you for being here."

- I.N.

"Dr. Man’s office is like being in a cocoon. The care, consideration and kindness given by every member of the staff made me feel safe, warm and cared for as a human being. Dr. Man’s office has a family atmosphere that is warm and what is what I needed."

- Anonymous Patient

"I think Dr. Man is a perfectionist. He is very sensitive to a patient’s needs and concerns and that is very important when dealing with surgery. He was much more caring than some other doctors I know."

- G.L.

"Dr. Man without your great staff we wouldn’t get beautiful so quickly. I had a good rest and look forward to going home tomorrow. I am very happy. I decided to stay until Saturday Dr. Man, you were right in suggesting it. I could not have taken care of myself because I live alone. I look forward to the rest of my years looking well and I thank you for suggesting the laser. I know the little swelling left will go down in time."

- S.P.

"All areas are excellent except the throat area which required a second minimal operation. This did not come as a surprise because the literature DR. Man gave me explained this was a possibility. I appreciate Dr. Man’s concern, artistic ability, and that he always uses the latest state of the art techniques."

- P.L.

"The entire staff is caring, cautious, and professional. I could not have asked for better care. The rooms are comfortable and beautifully decorated. I especially love the artwork. Thank you for all your help and kindness!"

- A.B.

"I had several procedures performed by Dr. Man and have never been disappointed with the care and concern afforded me, and with the results achieved. Dr. Man is the best."

- T.S.

"Since this is my second time here, I feel like I am visiting old friends. The care here is exceptional and I must say the new recovery unit is wonderful. Everyone is very kind and caring. I certainly would recommend this facility to anyone who is thinking of having plastic surgery."

- M.N.

"Being in the healthcare profession for many years I was so impressed with the treatment and care I received from Dr. Man and his staff. I spent several days in the guest suites and received excellent care from everyone. The private suites where you recover from the anesthesia was fantastic. It was so beautiful and clean. Everyone of the staff that worked there was exceptionally kind and considerate. And, I felt very secure about being there. They made me feel "like a "star." I will always remember this staff as a very special time in my life. Thank you Dr. Man and thank all the staff."

- P.O.

"I attended Dr. Man’s seminar, met him, and his staff, and saw the "living" results of his work. I was totally convinced that Dr. Man was the right doctor for me. The fact that Dr. Man is an artist (painter) and sculptor, was also important to me."

- S.M.

"The procedures I was interested in having done was somewhat embarrassing. But I didn’t feel embarrassed when I was in your office. That made it worth paying the extra to see Dr. Man."

- L.T.

"You are the best. You run a first class operation Dr Man and your standards are very high. I stayed in your spa and private quest suites. I left like I was in a European spa. This was the icing on the cake. Thank you for making this experience possible and pleasant."

- F.G.

"I went to Dr. Man for the CosMan peel and Perlane in my lips. I was very satisfied with everything. The staff was especially very helpful and nice. I will highly recommend Dr. Man and his staff."

- E.M.

"I cannot say enough about Dr. Man and the entire staff. It has been only a week since my surgery and I look great. I feel that I could not be in better hands. All the support staff and nurses were very caring and professional. I would like to thank everyone for the fantastic and compassionate care that I received while staying at your medical spa recuperating."

- D.G.

"It was been a true pleasure working with you and your entire staff. I especially want to comment on the excellent diligent follow-up care that I received."

- J.G.

"I want to thank you for the outstanding surgical work you performed on my neck, face and forehead. Although it has only been two weeks, the results of the operation so far, the results of the operation have exceeded my expectations. You have created a more youthful look in a very natural way, which is exactly what I wanted. I am excited to show off the final results over the next several weeks as the scars disappear."

- K.K.

"I was extremely impressed with the anesthesiologist’s expertise in putting the needle in my arm and I did not feel a thing! He was very kind and informative, which eased my tension."

- N.K.

"I was hesitant to have surgery in a facility that sent you home immediately afterwards, but I wanted to avoid a hospital that was noisy and had infections, so the doctor’s setting was ideal. I had upper and lower eyes and forehead lift. My surgery turned out better than I expected."

- P.I.

"My experience in your facility was great. You are lucky to have such wonderful staff."

- S.F.

"I was unhappy with my tummy for a lone time until Dr. Man took it away and enhanced my looks and my self-esteem. I have never felt better."

- D.H.

"I had 3 other consultations with plastic surgeons. Dr. Man was the last one. As they always say, I guess I saved the best for last. You know when you have come to the right place."

- H.B.

"When I reviewed Dr. Man’s experience and credentials on the website, I was extremely impressed. I ordered his book and I knew he was the surgeon for me."

- G.N.

"When I found Dr. Man’s web site all other web sites paled in comparison. I feel so pleased I chose Dr. Man. His facilities and medi-spa pampered me with tender loving care. I will never go anywhere else."

- G.P.

"I researched several doctors online first. Dr. Man’s experience, spa facilities and talent as an artist made the choice easy."

- F.G.

"My stay in the recovery suites was great. The nurses cared for me and made me feel comfortable. not just as a patient but as a friend. Dr. Man checked on me frequently throughout the day. I chose Dr. Man and his staff and would never go anywhere else."

- U.S.

"I had a little slower recovery than I thought I would have, but I must say I am thrilled with the final results."

- S.F.

"From the first moment I walked into the office I felt comfortable and safe. The entire experience and the your very capable staff was amazing. They made me feel great."

- O.B.

"I considered choosing a plastic surgeon closer to home, but Dr. Man’s experience and work as an artist helped make the difference."

- V.K.

"Thank you for the care you gave to my daughter during and after her surgery. Everyone was "top notch’ from beginning to completion. Thank you for making my daughter feel so special."

- S.S.

"This has been the best in office surgery I have ever experienced. You showed the ‘human touch’ which other doctors lack. Thank you."

- E.N.

"As an artist, I was thrilled to learn that Dr. Man was an artist as well. He has a gift and the ability to see things in three dimensions such that he can visualize the outcome of my surgery."

- O.Y.

"I love the idea of a hospital accredited facility without actually being in the hospital. Everyone was most caring and accommodating."

- T.L.

"With great pleasure I read the article "Kindness of Strangers" in the Sun Sentinel news paper on February 1, 2006. It illustrates that your heart is as large as your talent as a plastic surgeon. Mr. Gelin phrased it beautifully when he said that "Dr. Man treated me with an open heart. He really wanted to help me. I feel very happy." It is wonderful that you continue to perform pro bono surgeries while managing your thriving practice. I tip my hat to you. And wish you continued success and health and happiness in the New Year."

- C.B.

"Not a day goes by without someone paying me a compliment. Thank you Dr. Man for your splendid work and generosity. Everyday I tell someone I meet how fabulous you and your staff are."

- S.P.

"I chose Dr. Man for his knowledge and experience with the SmartLipo procedure."

- J.L.

"This surgery was my third major surgery — breast reduction. All went according to plan. From my previous experiences I had no fear and was confident in Dr. Man and his outstanding surgical staff. Your recovery suites are very private and I loved the adjustable beds and tvs. Your staff made me feel like a queen. I am so pleased with my perky size B breasts. They are just what I asked for. Dr. Man is amazing."

- M.V.

"I want you to know what a great job you did on my face. You are so good at what you do and I thank you for going over and beyond just to make me happy. I consider myself to be such a lucky person to have not only a kind person, but a top notch doctor in his field. I have cheeks, my eyes are open more, my jowls are gone, and I don’t look so sad. Thank you."

- A.D.

My stay at Dr. Man’s office was very good. The nurses were wonderful and very caring. I can’t say enough about them. Of course Dr. Man is Unbelievable, the BEST!

- M.S.

Dr. Man and his staff have been wonderful to work with. This is the first elective surgery that I have had with an overnight stay. I was a little apprehensive about being away from home for my recovery but I am so pleased with my experience. I especially want to thank Adriana, Rachel, Gladys and Lana for their caring attention.

- L.C.

My experience at Dr. Man’s office has been outstanding. The overall outcome has exceeded my expectations. Having suffered with acne for many years and trying a platform of solutions including oral, skin products, antibiotics. Accutane, tropical combinations as well as laser solutions I have never experience such a rapid and thorough response as with DMMD. There was no down time and I could see the difference within days. The perfection is not just mine. Friends, family and acquaintances are asking me what is the different! Why do I look so good? One person went so far as to assume I had a facelift. DMMD has been incredible for me. The best part is that I can go out without make up!!!

- Anonymous Patient

My experience at Dr. Man’s office was great. Dr. Man was very patient and professional. He took time to explain the whole procedure. The surgery came out perfect. Everyone in his office was extremely friendly and truthful, especially his patient educator who called me pre and post surgery to check on me and make sure I was ok. The nurses who assisted with the surgery and the post op were also great. I would highly recommend DR. Man for any plastic surgery procedure.

- Anonymous Patient

My experience with Dr. Daniel Man, to say the least, has been exceptionally great. I am very pleased with all the procedures that Dr. Man has performed on my body. My opinion is that Dr. Man is one of the best, or perhaps the best plastic surgeon in the US. I would also like to commend his staff for their professionalism and courtesies extended to me.

- C.M.

I came from Lagos, Nigeria. I had a miracle in Doctor Man’s office. It was a miracle procedure. I always hated the saddlebags and love handles. He took them off! That’s all I care about! I will come back again and again!

- T.O.

Dr. Man did an amazing job and I couldn’t be happier with the results so far. I had my Rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and you can’t even tell I had surgery. I would recommend going to Dr. Man for anything you want to have done. He exceeded all of my expectations.

- Anonymous Patient

My breasts were sagging very badly after I had implants removed. Dr. Man did a breast lift ( I am a size A cup) and added fat on the upper breast from my body because I had no volume on my upper breast. I just saw the results and my post op appointment and I literally cried! My breasts look better than they did even before I got implants! Thank you Dr. Man for changing my life! I never thought they could look this great especially how bad my breasts were sagging. I will always be grateful to you.

- Anonymous Patient

My experience at Dr. Man’s office has been a pleasant one. Dr. Man was professional and knowledgeable. His staff took good care of me. Dr. Man had reassured me of a successful surgery and that had put my fears away.

- Anonymous Patient

From the moment we entered the office we were at ease and certain that we chose the right doctor for us! Dr. Man and his entire staff pamper the patient and in this case, the husband as well. Simply the most personable and professional staff in every way provided the medical attention we needed at a very reasonable cost. All of the "after surgery" services are available on site and the follow up visits were equally as perfect. Sr. Man is the best choice to keep you beautiful and healthy.

- L.L. and J.L.

I was at the health club pool yesterday and a man approached me poolside. He tried to pick me up! He told me I looked great and asked me to go to Europe with him! I haven’t had anyone try to pick me up in years. I have had a facelift and a tummy tuck in the last year. Now my husband doesn’t want me to go to the pool anymore!

- Anonymous Patient

What a remarkable office! All the staff is amazing; more importantly every expectation has been as described! We thank you all. Happy to have been a canvas of human art.

- Anonymous Patient

There is one thing I can say and it’s: "I’m in love with my skin". Very pleased with the treatment. The whole process was very smooth and one thing very important for me; I didn’t miss work. Thank you so much Dr. Man.

- C.Z.

I had a great experience at Dr. Man’s office. The entire staff was friendly and accommodating. I was kept overnight and my nurses were wonderful. Dr. Man does great work. Thank you.

- Anonymous Patient

Dear Dr. Man; I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the procedures I had on May 23rd, 2012. The brow lift, lip lift, upper and lower eyes, facial rejuvenation and fat transfer revitalized and refreshed my appearance. To tell you the truth, I never really expected to see such a remarkable and dramatic result. After 8 weeks my face continues to improve everyday. I feel like a "blooming flower". The care that was given by yours staff was incredible. I felt safe and protected. But most of all, the compassion and warmth that you generated was heart felt. I can’t say thank you enough.

- B.D.

I was personally cared for and shown how to continue the correct recuperative process at home. Combine the medical expertise; the unique artwork to browse and the yummy smoothies… It couldn’t have been better. Again, thank you De. Man and staff.

- C.F.S.

Surgery July 19th, 2012: Thank you Dr. Man and staff for giving me your finest! I felt comfortable, comforted as well as confidently informed throughout my post surgery stay with you. It was peaceful.

- Anonymous Patient

My experience here with Dr. Man has been phenomenal. He was concerned on day one with getting the best possible result for my gynecomastia procedure. I told him what I wanted and he did a great job listening and answering my questions. I especially loved that he broke down realistically what to expect with the procedure so I can make the best informative decision. Dr. Man also does a very good job with post surgical visits. He wanted monthly follow-ups to see how my healing is going. His assists as well, were very knowledgeable and helpful. I was always able to contact them with my questions that I may have. This was my first surgery and I must say that Dr. Man has made this experience wonderful. He and his staff have exceeded my expectation multiple times. I would recommend anyone with severe gynecomastia to see Dr. Man

- Anonymous Patient

Dr. Man and his staff were extremely professional, knowledgeable and comforting. I am extremely pleased with my results. I had the permalip. It looks so natural and the procedure took less than 30 minutes. I am seen prompt fro m y appointments and they are very accommodating with my schedule.

- Anonymous Patient

My office experience at Dr. Man’s office was quick and easy. I came in for a consultation on a Wednesday and by the following Monday, my surgery had been completed. All of Dr. man’s staff is very helpful and I felt very comfortable at his office. This was my first experience with getting plastic surgery, and I had absolutely no complaints and completely trust Dr. Man and his staff.

- Anonymous Patient

I have been coming to Dr. Man’s office since December of 2011. Every visit the staff has been wonderful. They are very helpful, answer all questions and are very pleasant. Dr. Man is very professional and friendly. I will recommend Dr. Man and his staff to all my friends.

- S.M.M.

Wonderful experience! Very caring staff and excellent nurses. Looking forward to the final results. Keep up the great work.

- Anonymous Patient

Dear Dr. Man and staff; I had plastic surgery before from a car accident and again laser for acne scars and a chin implant and brow lift. All experiences were positive, but I knew that the outcome of those surgeries could have been better. As I began to age I saw my acne scars deepen and my eyes wrinkled and tired looking. My mother knew of Dr. Man through her friends and I read everything on his website. I knew that this was where I needed to go. Not only is Dr. Man a plastic surgeon and an artist, but he is in a league all of his own. Dr. Man’s staff are all welcoming, caring efficient organized and kind. I truly had the most wonderful experience and will only use Dr. Man for any procedures I will need in the future. I will recommend Dr. Man to anyone I know is in need of the best. My daughter is already having her spider veins in her legs worked on. Thanks to you all.

- I.M.

My experiences with Dr. Man have been exceptionally wonderful. Dr. Man and the staff are very caring and professional and everyone just wants you to be happy with your results. I have had a few treatments on my face with Dr. Man and he followed up with me until I achieved the results I came into his office for. He will do whatever he can to make sure you are satisfied with your surgical results. He is very knowledgeable and compassionate and makes you feel very comfortable. He is the best surgeon.

- Anonymous Patient

My experience at Doctor Man’s office was delightful; the staff are friendly, yet professionally! I like Dr. Man direct approach, paired with sincere concern for his patients.

- Anonymous Patient

I recently had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Man. The entire experience was outstanding. I was able to schedule my surgery quickly after my initial consultation. The staff in his office was very friendly and helpful. The patient coordinator Adriana was a pleasure to work with and made me feel at ease and comfortable. The best part about the experience was the actual results. Dr. Man gave me exactly what I wanted and I feel great. His work was amazing. Being able to stay in the overnight recovery made the whole experience worthwhile. I would not want to do it any other way.

- Anonymous Patient

I am a 76 years old woman. I have always been slim. But with age and the lack of exercise during the past five years, a lot of fat had accumulated on my waist, hips and abdomen. I decided to have liposuction, a tummy tuck, my breasts and lower eyelids done. When I consulted Dr. Man, he did not make promises he could not keep. He told me what to expect. The results exceeded my expectations. Now I have a waist again. I have a flat tummy and the skin on the abdomen is smooth. Dr. Man reshaped the whole area and gave it a contour it used to have. My new breasts are just as gorgeous. Dr. Man literally gave me back the body of my youth. My big worry however is to figure out how am I going to keep it this way. In addition to the truly amazing surgery, what I liked about Dr. Man was his kindness, his caring and his patience. After the surgery, I spent 4 days in his recovery facility. He came to see me every day and in between was in touch with his staff to find out how I was feeling. His staff is in his own image. They are kind, devoted, attentive, and compassionate. With him and his staff I experienced the highest quality of care. Beautifully done plastic surgery is, to me, the key to a better mental health. It makes you look good and when you look good you feel good. I would recommend Dr. Man to anyone expecting good results in plastic surgery.

- Anonymous Patient

A big thank you to you and your amazing Assistant for making me feel so comfortable during my procedure. Honestly, you are the nicest Doctor I have met in my 32 years in S. Florida....kind, caring and patient.....taking the time to explain everything to me. Who does that today? It was truly very nice meeting you and your staff.

- Anonymous Patient

Thank you so very much for all you have done for me. I will never forget how wonderful you have been toward me.You are so kind and I know you are one of God’s angles here on earth.I appreciate everything you have done straight from my heart.

- S.M.