What is Tickle Lipo?

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Named for its slight “tickling” sensation, Tickle Lipo uses a specially designed cannula that produces a unique vibration referred to as “nutational motion.” This is what produces the sensation many patients report as a “tickling” sensation.

How Does It Work?

Tickle Lipo differs from other methods of tumescent liposuction because the cannula is activated by air pressure, causing a whirling movement, infrasound, and gentle vibrations referred to as “nutational” motion. This patented technique provides faster infiltration of the tumescent solution – 25% faster than other liposuction technology, shortening the length of the procedure.

How Is It Different?

  • A selection of specialized cannulas used in the Tickle Lipo technique allows the physician to better maneuver through fibrous or harder to reach areas of fat, enabling precise body contouring.
  • The ease of maneuvering the special cannula allows for high definition body sculpting. It is more effective, safer, and removes deeper fat as well as superficial fat lying just under the skin with ease.

Benefits of Tickle Lipo:

  • Local anesthesia – Patients can be awake because general anesthesia is not needed.
  • No heat damage – less bruising. Unlike other liposuction techniques that utilize the heat of laser or ultrasound energy, the surgical cannula used in Tickle Lipo stays cool, eliminating the risk of heat injury to tissue.
  • More precise and better results – Because of its ease of movement, Tickle Lipo is more precise. It can be used to safely and more effectively remove deeper fat pockets, as well as superficial fat providing and “high-definition” sculpting.
  • Cuts down on surgical time and faster results – Because there is less bruising and swelling, patients see results almost immediately.
  • Less downtime – Patients recover faster.
  • Fat harvesting – The physician can also harvest the patient’s fat, which is removed during liposuction for use as a long lasting natural facial filler instead of using synthetic injectables.

New Lipo Procedure Has Patients Tickled

Tickle Lipo in Boca Raton, FLCBS Boca Raton
Reporting by: Cynthia Demos

There’s a new liposuction procedure that has patients tickled with the results.

Instead of traditional liposuction, new mom, Chari Depersio, has a few trouble spots she can’t seem to get rid of with diet and exercise.

“I’ve been going to the gym for 3 months straight, 5 days a week. My whole body looks great other than those areas post baby,” said Depersio.

When nothing else worked, the 27-year old decided to try liposuction, but not the traditional kind. “I’m having tickle lipo done on my love handles, my abdomen, and the fat right below my bra,” explained Depersio. Tickle lipo is described as special because of the tickling feeling, instead of pain.

Boca Raton plastic surgeon, Daniel Man, says a special cannula produces a unique vibration that causes the sensation and tricks the nerves into thinking there’s no pain; but the benefits don’t end there.

“In many procedures, either heat or ultrasound is known to cause a lot of swelling, inflammation, and delay in the final results, but here you bypass all that,” explained Dr. Man.

Dr. Man also said the heating methods are replaced by cooling techniques, so there’s less swelling and bleeding. Recovery time is quicker and patients can be back to work in a day or two. In addition, the fat that is removed from the body can be used in other areas.

“There’s no damage to the cells, it’s very kind to the cells and you can use these cells to graph somewhere in the body like the face or anywhere in the body.” Because the pain is minimal, patients can choose to stay awake for the procedure. That’s what Jennifer Simon did. She had her inner thighs done and said she had no discomfort. “There is a tickling sensation, yes, not bad at all,” said Simon. The surgery takes less time than traditional liposuction and costs about the same, $2,500.

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