If you are one of the many men and women who find themselves unhappy with their facial appearance due to signs of aging or significant weight loss, it could be time for a facelift. Daniel Man, M.D., a Florida-based and board-certified plastic surgeon, regularly performs facelift procedures on patients living in Boca Raton, FL, and the surrounding areas. Using a variety of advanced facelift procedures, Dr. Man can help you reveal a youthful and rejuvenated appearance that lasts for many years to come.

What Is a Facelift?

A facelift (also known as rhytidectomy) is designed to be a comprehensive and long-lasting approach to treating extensive facial wrinkles and tissue sagging caused by aging. It can remove excess skin, tighten underlying tissues and muscle, and re-layer the skin on the face to create a smoother complexion. A facelift has long been considered the “gold standard” for facial rejuvenation due to its satisfying and long-lasting results.

Benefits of a Facelift

Facelift procedures rejuvenate the lower two-thirds of the face by eliminating sagging skin, unwanted wrinkles, jowls, fine lines and creases, and other imperfections of the skin. Facelifts are commonly paired with neck lift procedures to further tighten the jawline and remove excess neck skin that contributes to the unflattering appearance of jowls. Many different types of facelifts exist to accommodate a wide variety of patients with varying needs. Dr. Man offers several facelift procedures to his patients and will help you determine which one is right for you during an in-person consultation.

What Are the Different Types of Facelifts?

Natural-Looking Facelift

Dr. Man has consistently sought to improve his patients’ results by targeting the common shortcomings of facelift surgery. Some facelift procedures can affect the position of the ears or create a stretched, unnatural appearance, resulting in an unfavorable outcome and telltale signs of surgery. To improve upon the traditional facelift procedure, Dr. Man developed his own procedural method in 2009 which he calls the Natural-Looking Facelift (NLFL). An NLFL leaves the face looking younger without a stretched, unnatural appearance, producing superior results when compared to other methods.

Dr. Man’s exclusive surgical technique is designed to optimize aesthetic outcomes by hiding incisions within the ear, transferring fat from the patient’s own body to counteract natural facial volume loss and closing incisions using absorbable bidirectional sutures. The NLFL procedure allows for less skin removal and shorter, more concealable scars within the inside perimeter of the ear without sacrificing results.

A Natural-Looking Facelift may be combined with a neck left or anti-aging procedures that focus on the upper half of the face for complete rejuvenation. By combining the benefits of a facelift with those of a neck lift, and modifying the techniques used to perform the surgery, this procedure addresses issues of eventual ear deformity resulting from plastic surgery that neither procedure addresses on its own. Dr. Man’s NLFL technique provides more natural-looking results than those achieved through other facelift procedures, which often result in facial and ear deformity.

Dr. Man’s technique was further modified to secure the ears in a way that prevents inferior drifting of the ears. The modified NLFL technique stabilizes the ears, secures the bottom of the ears, and prevents elongation and downward drifting, thereby achieving long-term aesthetically pleasing results. Once the flaps in front of the ear, back of the ear, and neck are elevated, future face and ear deformities are prevented. With NLFL, the ear canal is not distorted, there is no hairline distortion, and most importantly, it results in a natural-looking facelift without a stretched appearance. Dr. Man’s modified approach to rhytidectomy achieves natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing results.

Mini Facelift

A mini facelift targets the midface and neck using a unique, minimally invasive procedure. Mini facelifts result in a younger, more natural appearance with minimal incisions, less scarring, fewer side effects and a quicker recovery. Other treatments, such as injectable fillers and facial fat transfer, can be combined with a mini facelift for complete facial rejuvenation.

During a mini facelift, small incisions are made starting from the bottom of the earlobes and extending up into the hairline, usually behind the ears. The skin and underlying tissue are then pulled taut until the sagging skin and jowls are no longer apparent. Internal sutures placed in the underlying muscles ensure the skin stays smooth and natural-looking for years to come.

Once the skin has been pulled into a natural position over the bone structure of the lower face and internal sutures have been placed, the excess skin is cut away and the incisions are sutured closed. The entire procedure typically takes about two hours and is completed under local or twilight anesthesia.

Brow Lift

Also known as a forehead lift, a brow lift is designed to tighten the soft tissues of the forehead to remove fine lines and wrinkles. A brow lift allows patients to appear younger and less tired by eliminating a sagging brow and reducing horizontal forehead creases that develop due to aging. This procedure can restore a more youthful contour to the forehead and eyebrows, which are areas a traditional facelift does not address.

Brow lifts rejuvenate the upper third of the face by eliminating sagging skin from the brow and elevating the eyebrows to a more lifted, youthful position. Various brow lift methods exist that involve differing lengths of incisions in varying locations. Dr. Man can determine which brow lift procedural method is best for you following a consultation. Brow lifts are commonly combined with facelift procedures for complete facial rejuvenation.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Facelift?

You may be a candidate for a facelift if you are dissatisfied with your facial appearance due to loose skin, wrinkles or sagging in the lower two-thirds of the face. Facelifts are commonly performed on patients ages 40 or older, although there are no set age requirements for the procedure. Patients interested in a facelift need to have realistic expectations about their results and a healthy attitude about cosmetic procedures in general. Exactly which facelift procedures you are a candidate for will depend on your aesthetic goals, the extent of your signs of aging and the recommendation of Dr. Man. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Man to receive an in-person evaluation and learn if a facelift is right for you.

Preparing for Your Procedure

Dr. Man provides all of his patients with thorough preoperative instructions and asks patients to provide medical clearance from a personal family physician or internist. He will answer any questions you may have before your procedure, making sure you feel well-informed and prepared on the day of your surgery. Before your facelift, make sure you:

  • Stop smoking six weeks in advance
  • Cease taking aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs: Advil, Motrin, Aleve) and vitamins/homeopathic medicine
  • Start hydrating several days before your procedure
  • Arrange for help during the first 24 to 48 hours of your recovery

After Your Procedure

After your facelift is complete, the surgical team will apply surgical dressings to support and protect your face. You will then be taken to a recovery room and closely monitored until the anesthesia wears off. Patients need someone to stay with them 24 to 48 hours following surgery. Patients may also opt to stay overnight at our center following surgery to receive direct medical care and allow for complete rest. Our nurses are all ACSL-certified and our facility has specialized recovery options, including chest wall cooling methods to reduce pain and swelling, a hyperbaric chamber and oxygen treatments to accelerate healing.

After surgery, caregivers receive detailed instructions regarding postsurgical care, including information about:

  • Drains, if they have been placed
  • Normal symptoms you will experience
  • Potential signs of complications

The first post-op visit is typically scheduled about three to five days following surgery, with a second follow-up appointment scheduled two weeks later. During your post-op appointments, Dr. Man will review your healing process and make sure your recovery is progressing in a positive manner. Following the two-week visit, patients return for additional follow-ups approximately four weeks, three months, six months and one year following surgery to check for any complications.

Recovering from a Facelift

Depending on the extent of your procedure, your face may be covered in a compression wrap to help the healing process. This wrap should only be removed as directed by Dr. Man.

Pain and discomfort should be mild to moderate for the first 48 hours and may be controlled using oral medication. Bruising and swelling peak within 36 to 48 hours after surgery and fluids may continue to drain for 48 hours. You will need to keep your head elevated while sleeping to reduce swelling. You must also avoid washing your hair for the 24 to 48 hours and should not use a hairdryer for the first week.

Recovering from a facelift may take more time than with other facial surgeries. Swelling and bruising will gradually subside over 10 to 14 days. Dr. Man provides strict aftercare instructions to help you recover safely, including information about bandages, drains, antibiotics (if prescribed) and signs of infection. Recovery time varies by patient and will depend on the extent of your surgery.

Dr. Man will let you know when it is safe to return to work and resume exercise after evaluating the progression of your recovery. Less invasive procedures like a mini facelift tend to require a shorter recovery period, while a traditional facelift will necessitate more downtime. If you ever have any questions or concerns about your recovery, Dr. Man and his staff are only a phone call away.

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