Lipotransfer, also known as fat transfer, provides dramatic results when used for restoring volume to the face, buttocks and other areas of the body that are prone to fat loss as we age. Dr. Daniel Man, a Florida board-certified plastic surgeon, uses fat transfer and injections on people who live in and around Boca Raton, FL, and the surrounding communities and want a younger, healthier appearance.

What is Fat Transfer and Injections?

This cosmetic treatment involves taking fat from one area of the body and transferring it to another part of the body that has lost volume. Most of the time, fat is taken from areas of the body that tends to accumulate and store fat like the abdomen or flanks. Once it is processed, it is injected into areas of the body, such as the face and buttocks, as well as the upper chest or deltoid muscles in men and even the breasts in women.

Benefits of Fat Transfer and Injections

The biggest benefits of fat transfer and injections include:

  • Corrects facial fat loss, as well as fat loss in other areas of the body (breasts, buttocks)
  • No risk of allergic reaction since the fat is from the patient’s own body
  • Results may be long-lasting

How are Fat Transfer and Injections Different from Injectable Fillers?

There are two main differences between fat transfer and dermal fillers. The first is that there is absolutely no risk of adverse reaction with fat transfer because the fat comes from the patient’s body. The other reason is that fat injections are longer lasting when performed correctly. Most patients see the results for two years, while fillers often wear off in as little as six months depending on the selected filler.

What Areas of the Face Benefit from Fat Transfer?

Fat injections improve several areas of the face. The areas that benefit the most from fat transfer include creases in the forehead, lines between the eyebrows, area under the eyes that looks hollow or sunken in, deep scars, deep folds around the nose, and the area between the upper lip and nose. It has also been used to give the jawline more structure and add volume to the neck and face where there is significant facial fat loss. Depending on the extent of the fat loss, some areas only require one injection that is long lasting while others may require multiple injections to achieve the desired look. Fat is an ideal volume booster for features on the face that tend to lose volume with age.

How Does the Fat Transfer and Injections Work?

The fat used in fat transfer is typically harvested from areas that tend to accumulate fat, such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and flanks (muffin top). It is harvested using a very thin cannula, much like liposuction but it does not destroy the fat and divide it into smaller portions. It may be combined with PRP and spun through a centrifuge. At that point, it is placed into a pre-determined number of syringes so that it can be injected into the targeted area. One important notation is that when the fat is harvested from areas of the body, it is done in such a way to make that area smooth and contoured. The area benefits from the fat removal as well.

How is the Recovery Following Fat Transfer and Injection?

Because the procedure involves excising fat from areas of the body, most of the recovery pertains to the actual fat harvesting. It is very important to take a few days to rest and avoid putting any stress on the treatment area where fat was injected for a few weeks. This gives the area time to allow blood vessels to grow into the injected fat and then to allow them to strengthen and create more intensity to withstand daily stresses, such as strenuous exercise and activities. Additionally, patients must wear a compression garment on the area from where the fat was taken.

How Much Does Fat Transfer and Injection Cost?

The procedure for fat transfer and injections varies in terms of cost with each patient. The factors that play into the cost include the extent of the area to be treated, how much fat must be excised from the harvest area and whether it is performed in conjunction with other cosmetic treatments. Dr. Man reviews the cost in detail during a consultation along with payment options and financing.

What Do I Do Next?

If you want to correct skin imperfections and the signs of aging, including facial fat loss, fat transfer and injections may be worth considering. It is necessary to schedule a consultation with Dr. Man to discuss the possibility as well as allow him to evaluate your body to determine if you have areas with enough fat to harvest, making fat transfer and injections possible.

Fat transfer and injections are a cosmetic procedure to treat facial fat loss. Florida board-certified plastic surgeon Daniel Man, M.D., performs fat transfer and injections on the residents of Boca Raton, FL, and surrounding cities who want a more youthful appearance. Please contact us to set up your consultation today.