If you feel like your face may need some small adjustments, but invasive surgery isn’t necessary, liposculpture restores a youthful freshness to your appearance. Florida board-certified plastic surgeon Daniel Man, M.D., performs liposculpture on individuals in Boca Raton, FL, and the surrounding communities who want a younger, smoother complexion.

What is Liposculpture / PRP?

Liposculpture is the process of changing the shape, contour, or balance of the face by injecting fat or other fillers under the skin. One type of filler, autologous fat, is harvested from the patient’s own body. It offers a unique advantage in that there is no risk of adverse reaction since the patient’s own fat is used. New advances in harvesting, storing, and injecting have made autologous fat a very desirable option in facial restoration and anti-aging procedures, making it very useful for facial contouring and enhancement.

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a new advancement in facial skin treatments. Platelets are the cellular components of the blood that stop bleeding and promote healing, specifically stimulating collagen renewal and blood vessels in healing tissue. For this method, blood is drawn from the patient, platelets are extracted, and the resulting plasma is used to enrich the harvested fat used for liposculpture. The result is a longer lasting result and a healthy, glowing effect.

Dr. Man has written extensively about PRP and developed many of his own cosmetic procedures around the use of PRP to enhance results and speed healing. You can read more about Dr. Man’s use of platelet-rich plasma in cosmetic surgery procedures and his own study of the benefits of platelet-rich plasma here.

Benefits of Liposculpture / PRP

Fat transfer, or liposculpture, uses a patient’s own fat making it an excellent treatment for facial imperfections due to aging or congenital issues. It offers the following benefits:

  • No risk of adverse reaction
  • Adds natural looking volume to the targeted areas, such as wrinkles, lines, scars, and depressions in the skin
  • Adds volume to areas of the body other than the face (buttocks, hands, and breasts)
  • Long-lasting results
  • Easy to perform
  • Removes unwanted fat from other areas of the body

Is Liposculpture / PRP Right for Me?

Liposculpture with or without PRP may be right for you if you:

  • Have a weak, receding chin and wish to improve the appearance of your profile with increased chin projection
  • Have an undefined or weak jawline that allows the lower half of your face to fade into your neck
  • Wish to enhance the definition and fullness of your cheeks
  • Wish to restore contour and proportion lost due to aging
  • Seek to correct any deformities of the lower face resulting from injury or congenital defects

Dr. Man can help you decide if liposculpture with or without PRP is the right choice for you during a consultation.

What Parts of the Body Can Benefit from Liposculpture?

Liposculpture can be used on the face, hands, breasts, and buttocks to create a natural, full look while also correcting sagging or flatness that comes with age. It can also be used to fill in dimples or scarring anywhere on the body. Since it is all natural and biocompatible, there is no risk for an allergic reaction. Liposculpture with PRP heals more quickly and lasts longer, making it ideal for patients who don’t want to have frequent repeated visits for injectable fillers.

How is Liposculpture Performed?

Fat is typically harvested from the hips, stomach, and other areas where it is not needed and reinjected into the cheeks, jaw line, lips, brows, eyelids, to smooth out deep lines. This also includes the lines around the mouth and the deep creases of the nasolabial folds (smile lines). Dr. Man uses a local anesthetic to numb the area from where the fat is harvested.

  • Fat Harvesting: The site selected for harvesting (usually the thighs, belly, love handles, or buttocks) is numbed with a local anesthetic. Dr. Man creates a small incision in the area for fat removal and inserts a tiny, sterile cannula connected to a syringe to carefully extract fat (liposuction).
  • Purification and PRP: Once enough fat is obtained, Dr. Man processes it to prepare the fat cells for transfer. Purification may include putting the fat in a centrifuge or using a filtration process to remove impurities. If PRP is being used, blood is drawn to extract platelets. The resulting plasma is then mixed with the harvested autologous fat before injecting. Harvested fat can be saved and used later as well.
  • Injections: The area being augmented is numbed, followed by a series of injections to deposit tiny amounts of fat as needed to fill in wrinkles or depressions and contour the area to the desired shape. The entire process takes between 15 minutes and an hour to complete with minimal side effects. There may be some slight bruising or swelling, but usually subsides within in a few days.

How is the Recovery from Liposculpture / PRP?

The recovery from liposculpture/PRP is relatively easy and quick. It is necessary to wear a compression garment on the area in which the fat was taken. The area treated with liposculpture shows visible results immediately following the treatment. Most patients return to their normal activities within a few hours or a day.

The results from liposculpture / PRP last for a year or more. If liposculpture is done without PRP, there may be a need for repeated treatments to build up volume and to compensate for fat that is absorbed by the body.

How Much Does Liposculpture / PRP Cost?

The cost of a liposculpture / PRP is different with each patient. This is based on the extent of the treatment, how much liposuction is involved and whether other procedures are performed at the same time. During an initial consultation, we go over the costs and our payment options. We accept cash, personal checks, and credit cards, as well as offer financing.

What Do I Do Next?

If you are considering a liposculpture / PRP, you need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Man to discuss your options. Your consultation gives Dr. Man an opportunity to get to know you and your goals, evaluate the targeted treatment area, and discuss possible treatment options to achieve your desired look. Once he makes a recommendation, he takes the time to go over the details of the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

A full medical history will be required, in addition to following:

  • Previous surgeries
  • Any past or present medical conditions
  • Any allergies or sensitivities
  • All current medications
  • Medical treatments you have received
  • Any plans for weight loss
  • Any plans for pregnancy

Dr. Man wants you to be an active participant in developing your plan of treatment. By ensuring that you are well educated about your options, he can help you choose the best abdominoplasty procedure for you.

Daniel Man, M.D., is a board-certified Florida plastic surgeon who performs liposculpture/PRP on individuals living in Boca Raton, FL, and the surrounding communities who want a more youthful look to their appearance. Please contact us to set up your consultation today.

*The information about liposculpture was reviewed by Dr. Daniel Man. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form below.