Quick Facts About Brazilian Butt Lift

As a board Certified plastic surgeon, I am always concerned with patient safety and excellent outcome.
Here’s a few facts about Brazilian Butt Lift that you may not know:

• There is 65% increase in demand for a non-implant method (fat transfer) of buttock augmentation the last 5 years.
• According to a 2016 ASAPS published survey of over 20,000 buttock augmentations, only 8% were with implants while 92% were with fat transfer.
• If a fat transfer is not done properly, you put yourself at risk for complications.

Dr. Man developed unique safety measures that prevent intra and postoperative complications.

He spends quality time accessing and examining patients to make sure they are the right candidate for this procedure. Managing patient’s expectations remain a high priority, always. Dr. Man continues to exercise his best surgical judgement based on the latest available information.