Body sculpting encompasses surgical and non-surgical procedures that correct physical flaws to give individuals a more shapely and defined physique. In Boca Raton, FL, Daniel Man, M.D., a Florida board-certified plastic surgeon, performs body sculpting procedures on those wanting to improve their physical appearance and restore their self-confidence.


Men and women may become dissatisfied with their appearance because of the changes that occur with their bodies as they age or simply because sometimes a healthy lifestyle is not enough. Body sculpting consists of medical procedures that decrease fat in specific areas of the body, tighten and smooth skin, and create more definition in areas of the body that seem to withstand the efforts of diet and exercise.

Breast Enhancement

Breast enhancement is performed on women who are not satisfied with the size and shape of their breasts. In Boca Raton, FL, and the surrounding communities, Daniel Man, M.D., a board-certified Florida plastic surgeon, performs breast enhancement procedures to help women have a more balanced, shapely figure, and regain a positive self-image.


It is very common for women to be unhappy with the size, shape, and/or balance of their uneven breasts. Breast enhancement encompasses surgical procedures that redesign the breasts whether it’s for cosmetic reasons or reconstruction the breasts following breast removal. The procedures involve breast augmentation, lift, reduction, and reconstruction. Additionally, breast implant removal is also performed on women who want their implants taken out.

facial surgery

One of the first areas of the body to show the signs of aging is the face. Luckily, facial surgery procedures can turn back the clock to diminish lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Daniel Man, M.D., offers facial surgery to the residents of Boca Raton, FL, and the surrounding communities to reveal a smoother, younger complexion.


Facial surgery involves procedures that improve an individual’s facial appearance by correcting imperfections, defects, or the signs of aging, such as sagging skin, folds, and creases. These procedures bring balance to the face as well as brighten and smooth the face’s complexion, creating a younger looking appearance.


As the central feature of the face, the nose is integral to your facial symmetry, balance and structure. A nose that is straight, even and proportional to a person’s other features can subtly complement and bring out the best in their appearance. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true: if your natural nose shape is too big, too wide, off-center or otherwise unbalanced, the rest of your facial features may be overshadowed, preventing you from looking and feeling your best.
A rhinoplasty — cosmetic nose surgery — is designed specifically to help reshape your nose, offering subtle results that make a big difference. Dr. Daniel Man in Boca Raton, FL, has worked with countless men and women seeking to modify the appearance of their nose. Taking a personalized approach to treatment, Dr. Man analyzes your nose in proportion to your unique features to create the most balanced and natural-looking result. He encourages men and women of all ages experiencing functional or cosmetic nasal concerns to consider the transformative benefits of rhinoplasty surgery.

cosmetic gynecology

Cosmetic Gynaecology, the fastest-growing speciality globally, is an area of special interest that covers a variety of procedures that includes both cosmetic procedures to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the vulvo/vaginal region, as well as functional vaginal repairs to enhance or help restore sexual function.