Move over lasers, there is a new skin resurfacing in town! How does this novel treatment stack up against tried and tested lasers such as CO2 or fractional lasers?



Dr. Man is proud to introduce combined VDN.

V stands for Vivace, a micro needling radio frequency device.

D stands for DMMD, a proprietary cream for skin rejuvenation.

N stands for Neogen, a nitrogen and radio frequency-based skin tightening technology.

Why is VDN the new and better alternative to lasers?

The combination of the 3 is a one-step treatment for sun damage, large pores, melasma, rosacea, acne, stretch marks and aging. It does it well and does it all; shrinks pores, tightens loose and sagging skin, lightens hyper pigmentation and is suitable for all skin types colors and tones at lower costs.

At Dr. Man’s, the best treatment for your skin will be planned by a board-certified plastic surgeon and executed by aestheticians using the latest technologies.

How does Vivace Micro Needling, DMMD and NEOGEN work?

Vivace Micro Needling with fractional RF uses tiny golden needles to deliver a safe and tolerable energy to the skin. The energy penetrates the deeper layer of the skin without discomfort. It improves the elastin and collagen fibers. The polarity of the needles has been configured in such a way to affect the skin with very little discomfort and without disruption to the top layer of the epidermis. Therefore, it can be delivered to any type or color of skin.

DMMD is a broad-spectrum time-release skin rejuvenation cream. Thousands of patients have already benefited from it.

Neogen plasma energy is generated from conversion of nitrogen gas into plasma energy by the use of radio frequency. The plasma energy is emitted from a hand piece in controlled pulses to gently and rapidly heat the skin up . Neogen plasma at a lower setting can resurface the skin without any breakage to the top layer of the skin. This decreases the risk of infection, bleeding and prolonged down time. Instead, the treated epidermis acts as a natural dressing to provide protection and speed healing, shedding only when new healthy skin has formed underneath. You can expect to see tighter smoother and more youthful looking skin with less visible fine lines and wrinkles. Neogen plasma is color blind which is an advantage for various ethnicities wanting skin rejuvenation.

Is there any down time for VDN?

Usually little but it may vary; improving the aging skin allows the epidermis to be become stronger and smoother in the future. Using the term fractional technology means that this method treats a portion of the skin, allowing effective skin recovery with minimal side effects and extremely short down time. However, most patients experience no down time at all. For instance no Anesthesia is needed, and most patients can go on with their daily activities without any disruptions. When combining Vivace, DMMD skin rejuvenation and NEOGEN , many patients may elect to take the evening off and return to their regular social activities no later than 24-48 hours after such treatment. However, there could be exceptions.

What is your VDN discomfort level?

Most people have little or no discomfort. Some patients may ask to use topical numbing cream or Pronox, the laughing gas, so that they are completely comfortable. The laughing gas is self-administrated and wears off very quickly. You will be able to safely drive yourself home afterwards.

Do I get 100% improvement in one treatment? When will I see result from this treatment?

VDN cannot produce a face lift or neck lift type results but it is a specialized treatment that helps improve & rebuild your skin. The results may start showing immediately when the treatment is finished. Typically, the benefits can be appreciated in 3-4 weeks after each session. Each session is improving skin condition by 20-30 % but the improvement depend on your skin condition as every patient skin is different. Most patients come back for 3 sessions 3 -4 weeks apart.

Is VDN safe?

This treatment is very safe as the fractional energy is delivered to the mid skin without hurting the top layer of skin. It is much less aggressive than other modalities like the known common lasers.

The combination of these technologies and the skin rejuvenation cream are safe, effective, and diminish brown spots. Vivace for instance uses tiny insulated micro needles that protects the top layer of the skin. Neogen uses Nitrogen and RF that spares the top layer as well. Both Vivace and Neogen are FDA cleared. The DMMD has been used in thousands of patients prevents return of hyper pigmentations and promotes rapid healing. Cold sores & Acne breakdowns should be reported as these can be easily prevented with medications

How many VDN treatments will I need and how far apart?

Most patients benefit from 3 treatments sessions that are spaced 3-4 weeks apart. The recovery period after each session is short but may last 24- 48 hours. Most patients experience no down time. It is important to allow your skin to rebuild itself and strengthen its properties before your next treatment.

The skin will feel rough at first but shortly after will start smoothing out. You will see change of the texture, tone, color and tightness of the skin.
While some patients are happy with the combination VDN treatment with no down time, others may require more invasive procedures.

We offer a wide variety of many useful procedures & lasers and other technologies for your special skin condition.

Dr. Man and his expert aestheticians will help you create the best treatment plan at your consultation.

Advantages of Vivace and Neogen over other devices

  • Vivace uses robotic motor delivering the needles that are “injected” gently into the skin making the treatment much more comfortable. ALL other devices including the “pens” hurt because of the rapid in and out motion of the needles and scraping the skin. Other methods may cause also bloody stains. Other RF devices use more of a staple gun delivery which also hurts and requires significant pain management that Vivace doesn’t need. The procedure is easily tolerated even with no topical. This robotic motor also allows Vivace micro channels to stay open and viable for 4-6 hrs. to infuse DMMD, skin care, PRP, and topicals for additional treatment enhancement. Other devices micro channels close very quickly and offer little topical absorption benefit.
  • There is no real downtime with Vivace other than slight pink to redness for up to a few hours after the treatment. Most other treatment in this class causes redness for a few days with more downtime and blood stains while producing possible inferior results. Patients in today’s market want the biggest bang for their buck with the least amount of pain and downtime.
    These are the types of procedures that are selling at a premium and is why Vivace and Neogen are so popular. Everyone is actively looking for treatments like this and no one wants extra downtime anymore if possible.
  • Vivace and Neogen will allows to treat the widest array of patients possible regardless of skin type or even sun exposure. Almost EVERYONE is a candidate for both because the settings can be customized to what the patient needs.
  • Vivace allows treating all body areas – face, neck, chest, hands, abdomen, legs for anything texture or laxity related (i.e. crepe skin). Vivace does the laxity as well as resurfacing all in one treatment and Vivace can treat anyone from a teenager with big pores and acne to a 60+ patient with deep wrinkles and crepe skin.
  • Vivace has both red and blue LED in combination with the RF and needles. Red led if for rejuvenation and healing and the Blue LED allows for treatment of active acne and sebaceous skin.
  • There is huge amount of buzz surrounding Vivace. Vivace is the number 1 treatment for micro needling on and has over 90% patient satisfaction. Botox is at 95% as a comparison and almost everyone does Botox. It also won the most worth it procedure of 2017-2018 on the whole site and is number 6 in searches.

The VDN will offer significant improvements in:

  • Wrinkles/Resurfacing
  • Laxity/crepe skin
  • Acne Scars
  • Surgical or traumatic scars
  • Stretchmarks
  • Infusion of topicals like ,DMMD,PRP
  • Rosacea and flushing
  • Active acne treatments

In summary, the VDN is a superior new combination treatment, that in contrast to various resurfacing lasers and other machines, improves the skin and it’s the permeability of the skin barrier. This treatment allows the true and tested DMMD to be readily absorbed through the skin which enables faster recovery and better overall results with minimal downtime at a lower cost than each of these treatments separately.

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*The information about Vivace, DMMD, and Neogen was reviewed by Dr. Daniel Man. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form below.