KYBELLA® in Boca Raton, FL

The “waddle” and “turkey neck” are joking names for the excess skin that develops under the chin and around the neckline. Daniel Man, M.D., a Florida board-certified plastic surgeon, often treats men and women living in and around Boca Raton, FL, and the surrounding communities who suffer from this humiliating issue using KYBELLA® to increase volume under the chin, around the jawline and on the neck.

What is KYBELLA®?

KYBELLA® is a safe, synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, a material that occurs naturally in the body. It is FDA approved for use on fat under the chin, also referred to as a double chin. When KYBELLA® is injected just below the surface of the skin of the neck, it gently breaks down excess fat cells so the body can eliminate them.

Benefits of KYBELLA®

A double chin, or as it is often called — a “waddle,” can create a lot of stress and issues with clothing and a positive self-image.

KYBELLA® is very effective at reducing or even erasing the appearance of excess skin, and offers the following benefits:

  • FDA approved for the area under the chin
  • Non-invasive
  • Creates a slimmer jawline
  • Quick procedure
  • No downtime or recovery

Is KYBELLA® Right for Me?

If you feel like you have a double chin and have a desire for a slim jaw line and neck, KYBELLA® may be right for you. KYBELLA® is an effective alternative to more invasive surgery to correct this imperfection.

How Does KYBELLA® Work?

Unlike injectable fillers that dissipate over time and must be renewed, KYBELLA® is injected and dissolves fat, providing a neck lift without liposuction or surgery. The skin tightens during healing, reducing sagging and resulting in the toning of the neck region.

No anesthesia is needed for the administration of KYBELLA® injections. Most treatments consist of multiple injections targeting fat pockets under the skin. Patients normally experience only slight swelling or bruising, which lasts a few days. Most patients notice a significant difference in appearance starting three to four weeks after the first treatment. With each treatment, the contouring of the neck and chin are improved, and the skin continues to tighten. There is very little discomfort after each treatment.

How is the Recovery After KYBELLA® Treatments?

There is no set recovery or downtime after KYBELLA® injections. Depending on the amount of excess fat under the chin, three to four KYBELLA® treatments are typically needed, each spaced out a month apart.

How Much Does KYBELLA® Cost?

The cost of KYBELLA® is different with each patient. It is based on the extent of the area to be treated, how many injections are required, and whether other treatments are performed in conjunction with KYBELLA®. During a consultation, Dr. Man discusses the cost as well as payment options including financing.

What Do I Do Next?

The first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Man. It is important that he evaluate your face and chin to determine if KYBELLA® is the best option to achieve the desired look. He takes time going over the treatments, how they work and what to expect. If time permits and KYBELLA® is a solution, he may even begin the process with the first round of injections that day; otherwise, he can work with you to develop a plan for them.

KYBELLA® is an injectable filler FDA approved to remove fat from under the chin. Florida board-certified plastic surgeon Daniel Man, M.D., uses KYBELLA® and other dermal fillers and injectables on the residents of Boca Raton, FL, and surrounding cities to create a more youthful appearance. Please contact us to set up your consultation today.

*The information about Kybella® was reviewed by Dr. Daniel Man. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form below.