Treatment for Rosacea: Three Ways to Face the Problem

According to the Rosacea Research and Development Institute, acne rosacea is a chronic and at times progressive facial disorder that afflicts 45 million people all over the world. It is characterized by an extremely sensitive skin, permanent redness, bloodshot eyes and swelling. This skin condition was known to only affect people of north-western European descent, and has been nicknamed the curse of the Celts by some Irish folks. However, that belief is being questioned today since people from other racial or geographical backgrounds are also afflicted with it.

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Acne rosacea damages the skin. However, it is its psychological effects that seem to bother most people. Generally, you’ll see them lose their confident demeanor; it is but natural for them to want a remedy for it. If you want a simple yet effective treatment for rosacea that won’t burn a huge hole in your pocket, here are three things you can try.

Minimize use of makeup

Putting on more makeup is usually the first thing rosacea sufferers do to cover their face. Remember that if you do this, you may only worsen the problem. Use makeup sparingly, and only when absolutely necessary like when you need to attend an important social gathering. Otherwise, stay away from it.

Use mild cleansers

Whenever rosacea symptoms appear, mild cleaners are often recommended. If you keep your facial skin clean always, the less likely for rosacea to spread. It’s also a good idea to use only natural cleansers that don’t contain strong chemicals and substances. This way, your skin won’t be subjected to harmful irritants that will only further damage it.

Plastic Surgery in Boca Raton, FL

Consult a plastic surgeon

There are plastic surgeons in Florida like Daniel Man, M.D. who specialize in non-invasive skincare procedures. Although this step will be expensive initially, it can prove to be the most cost-effective choice in the long run. Plastic surgeons can evaluate your skin thoroughly to determine the right type of treatment for you. Consequently, you don’t have to spend time experimenting on products that end up not working at all.


Natural products go a long way in minimizing the effects of rosacea. However, like any medical condition, it’s always best to consult the specialists. A reputable and reliable skin doctor can provide you with the most effective treatment for melasma, rosacea, and other skin disorders to make you happier and more confident.