Facts about Liposuction in Boca Raton That You Need to Know

Liposuction in Boca Raton, FLBeing the second most popular cosmetic procedure, it’s no surprise that liposuction in Boca Raton is a preferred weight management solution among women. Individuals choose liposuction to remove the stubborn layers of body fat in their journey toward fitness. If you’re leaning closer to taking this option, you’ll have to do some soul-searching—and a great deal of online research—to determine how necessary the surgery is to your sense of self. To get you started, here are some facts about liposuction.

Fact #1: It is NOT a substitute for diet and exercise.

Liposuction is ideally an option when eating less calories and working out fail to trim down your bulging belly or flabby arms. Take note that it’s mainly classified as a body sculpting procedure rather than a weight loss formula. If you’re looking to lose weight, liposuction is not an alternative to diet and exercise, but only a supporting course of action.

Fact #2: A healthy lifestyle is necessary to maintain its results.

When you undergo liposuction, don’t think that fat won’t return to where they once were. If you continue to live a sedentary lifestyle and eat all the cheeseburgers you want, you’re opening the gates yet again for fat cells to come into your “problem areas”. Liposuction results are not permanent, unless you work hard to maintain them.

Fact #3: There are various types to match individual needs.

Established doctors like Dr. Daniel Man provide a variety of liposuction treatments in their medical practice. Dr. Man, who specializes in plastic surgery in Miami, Boca Raton, and Fort Lauderdale, offers the Smartlipo, which is minimally invasive, and the latest Tickle Lipo, which removes fat and sculpts the body with less bruising, thereby leading to a quicker recovery.

Fact #4: It’s not the ideal procedure for cellulite removal.

Cellulite and adipose tissue are two very different things. During liposuction, deep fat that lies under the skin is removed. However, cellulite is found in the subdermis, which means it can’t be removed without removing the skin. Therefore, if you want to deal with cellulite, you better ask your plastic surgeon about skin firming or anti-cellulite treatments.

Stubborn pockets of fat that refuse to leave your body even after months of exercise and dieting are best dealt with through liposuction. As long as you know what liposuction is all about, you’ll have realistic expectations and fitness goals.