State of the Art New Liposuction Methods

Liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic procedures used to remove fat deposits from your body. Many patients elect to have this procedure as an easy way to shed unwanted fat.

Traditional liposuction techniques utilize a large or small suction cannula to extract the fat from the patient’s body. This can cause a good amount of black and blue bruising and also requires a longer healing time.

As an innovator, Dr. Daniel Man uses a new and better combined method, which is less involved, to perform liposuction. He uses newer suction devices, lasers, fluid replacement, ultrasound, and radiofrequency “REFIT.” REFIT is done on the ART bed, a specialized gravity-producing-effect bed that aids in achieving the final and best results.

Newer lasers invented especially for fat have improved and have been incorporated into modern surgeries. This new approach has also improved the safety and efficacy of medical procedures.

This new liposuction approach will reduce healing time, bruising, and specialized stitches (if any are needed at all).

Laser-assisted liposuction with fluids, ultrasound, and radio frequency improve traditional liposuction procedures. These tools help to separate and extract stubborn fat deposits from the body.

During this procedure, the laser can be adjusted to the exact frequency required to deliver precise amounts of energy through the layers of the skin to reach the fat deposits targeted by the surgeon.

These combination methods use a specialized technique, depending on the area of fat cells, which are then infused with a solution of saline and anesthetic. This procedure is also known to have the least risk of tissue damage.

The biggest benefit to our patients is the way our liposuction procedure is performed as it can also help tighten up skin following the procedure – and does so for the long run as well, over the next months and years.

This is important to our patients who have loose or inelastic skin, including stretch marks and cellulite. Patients who undergo this procedure are able to stay with our specialized nurses for few hours or stay with us overnight. They are also able to return to their usual activities within a day or two, unlike the old liposuction procedure that had a long recovery period.


Dr. Daniel Man, who is a board-certified plastic surgeon, has extensive experience in performing liposuction. He has personally learned the new combo technique from Dr. Illuz, the originator of the liposuction method in France at that time.

Dr. Man has experience with most of the available liposuction methods and understands the advantages and disadvantages of each. Having compared the various methods available, Dr. Man knew he could do better. He developed:


    The Articulating Reclining & Tilting bed allows Dr. Man to achieve a superior result. As a scientist and artist, he has been able to design a special bed that:

    • A) Reduces swelling at the time of the procedure.
    • B) Allows positioning the patient, tilted and supported, in such a safe way that he can get to any part of the surgical site with ease and accuracy while decreasing the chances for a need for reoperation in future.
    • C) The patient can breathe better as the intra-abdominal contents no longer press on the diaphragm the way they do on traditional operating room tables.

    Dr. Man has developed a special method to hide the incisions, unlike the traditional incisions that are visible, red and elevated.


    He has developed a special method to eliminate annoying drainage after surgery and eliminate stitches where possible.


    Dr. Man has introduced a specialized local anesthesia method performed under the supervision and help of board-certified anesthesiologists who perform open heart surgery in the hospital.

    This newer method also provides complete pain relief with its three days, no pain post op recovery time.


    Dr. Man has developed a special method of “liposculpting.” This involves high definition fat suction from one part of body. The fat is then prepared in a special centrifuge that enriches it with stem cells and growth factors. The resulting high quality fat is then transferred to other parts of the face and body through barely visible tiny incisions.

    This is how Dr. Man builds and sculpts areas of the body. For example, he achieves his well-known Brazilian Butt Lift in this manner. He uses specialized tools to rejuvenate the face by enriching depleted areas with new fat grafts that can last a lifetime.


    Dr. Man was the first board-certified plastic surgeon to be allowed to utilize and introduce this specialized European method here in the USA. This method uses a gentle, high-pressure spray of water to separate the fat cells from each other and from the body. This method is very safe and does not cause any damage to blood vessels and nerves, thus allowing the patient to recover rapidly.


    Dr. Man uses this ultrasound method uses acoustic effects to separate more fat cells and remove them safely. This method has some skin tightening effects.


    Dr. Man uses infrasonic sound waves to gently separate and remove fat cells. This method is so gentle that it was nicknamed “Tickle Lipo.”


    Dr. Man uses this method to infuse fluids rich with local anesthesia into the body. He then uses special vibrating cannulas to help break these fat cells apart.


    Although Dr. Man has experience in all of these methods, it should be clear to the potential patient that:

    It is not the machine. It is not the cannula. It is the hand and experienced eye of a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Man.

    In Dr. Man’s opinion, and that of his patients, the surgeon is the one who makes the biggest difference. This is what you should consider when looking for a reputable board-certified plastic surgeon to do your liposuction.