Top Ten Countries for Plastic Surgery

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The field of cosmetic surgery has seen an exponential rise in interest over the past couple of decades, with current numbers far exceeding numbers of the past. Whether it be an increase in disposable income or just a population that’s more concerned with how they’re physically represented in society, people across the world have been dishing out hundreds of thousands for various procedures.

But which countries dominate the plastic surgery field?

Recent statistics published by The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons rank countries by both the amount of procedures (surgical and non-surgical) and the amount of plastic surgeons found in each country. The results are interesting, which brings us to the Top Ten Countries for Plastic Surgery:

1. United States

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the U.S. came in as #1 on this list, especially considering the population of the country and the higher rate of disposable income. In 2013, the United States accounted for 17% of worldwide cosmetic surgery procedures with nearly 4 million (3,996,631 to be exact).

2. Brazil

Brazil comes in at #2 on our list, and though the numbers from the South American country are well below U.S. statistics, Brazil’s 2,141,257 procedures in 2013–9.1% of worldwide procedures–is still sizable enough to count it as a major plastic surgery market.

3. Mexico

Mexico holds the #3 spot with 884,353 procedures in 2013. At 3.8% of worldwide procedures, Mexico finds itself near the top of the push for plastic surgery.

4. Germany

A little further down the list we have Germany, with 654,115 procedures in 2013, giving Germany 2.8% of the worldwide procedure total.

5. Spain

Spain got work done 447,177 times in 2013, good for 1.9% of the world’s procedures.

6. Colombia

Colombia is known for many things, including its beautiful beaches and its beautiful people. The latter is understandable when you consider the 420,955 procedures that took place there in 2013, good for 1.8% of the world’s plastic surgery procedures.

7. Italy

Italians boasted a total of 375,256 procedures in 2013, 1.6% of worldwide procedures.

8. Venezuela

Another South American country makes the list with 291,388 procedures in 2013. The total puts Venezuela at 1.2% of worldwide plastic surgery procedures.

9. Argentina

The last South American country on our list, Argentina had 287,823 procedures in 2013, good for 1.2% of worldwide procedures.

10. Iran 174,778 0.7%

Iran rounds out the last of our list with 174,778 procedures in 2013 and 0.7% of the worldwide procedures.