Liposculpture / PRP

Liposculpture is a cosmetic procedure used to change the shape, contour, or balance of the face by injecting fat or other fillers under the skin. One type of filler, autolo
gous fat, is harvested from the patient’s own body. It offers a unique advantage and has helped to usher in a whole new age of liposculpture. New advances in harvesting, storing, and injection have made autologous fat a very desirable option in facial restoration and anti-aging, and it is especially useful for facial contouring and enhancement.

Patients are extremely happy to find out that fat is an excellent volume-building material. Many studies support the idea that our face and body suffer from loss of important structure; as aging occurs, patients lose volume in anatomically well-designated and documented pockets. As fat and bone volume is lost, sinking starts. Sinking leads to sagging. As this process become more noticeable, patients look older. The remedy is to replenish the lost volume. Fat is a wonderful solution as it is part of our body, readily available, and when put back where it was lost, it replenishes the volume and improves the overlying skin.

This fat replenishing is called liposculpture, as it sculpts the aging volume loss with living tissue.

PRP is a name given to Platelets Rich Plasma. The patient’s own blood containing platelets brings healing capabilities to the process. These platelets not only make the fat
take better but also make the skin heal faster and better because these platelets contain important growth factors that are the basic building blocks necessary for our daily healthy body functions.

I have written about this science extensively in our plastic surgery journals. These articles are available for you to read upon your special request.


We take a small volume of the patient’s own blood, placing it in a special kit and allowing it to be centrifuged for a few minutes. The end product is PRP that contains growth
factors and what are generally known as stem cells. This product can be injected by itself as part of the skin rejuvenation or added to fat in a procedure now known as liposculpture. PRP can be even be painted over the skin while PRPEN is used as part of skin rejuvenating with micro needling.

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