New Trends and Methods of Shaping the Body

While holidays come and go, our body remembers each and every holiday feast we have ever had and reminds us with bulges of excess fat.

Thankfully, we have progressed with our ability to control and shrink these fat deposits. New technologies and techniques make it possible to tighten the skin while decreasing the size of fat pockets.

New elective procedure technologies like “suction lipectomy” used in combination with different procedures help to alter the body’s shape.

Without using the newer methods, the disproportion between the various body areas will only grow and become more noticeable. We need to remember how our parents looked throughout their lives, as familial traits and gender characteristics play an important role in our own bodies.

Despite genetic dispositions, the first defense is eating right, choosing healthier foods. The second is adequate exercise that allows us to control and achieve a caloric balance.

Assuming you’re already making these choices but still battling bulge, let’s look at the so-called magic of suction lipectomy. What are the new advances?

Suction lipectomy is performed through small openings utilizing specially designed, reciprocating small cannulas. A gentle solution helps separate the fat cells without causing bleeding while a special laser system helps to remove more fat and tighten the remaining skin.

Liposuction is performed while the patient is comfortably supported on an articulating reclining bed. Patients are either sedated to the point where they have no pain or recollection of the procedure or fully awake under local anesthesia. The techniques and equipment used are designed to be as comfortable for the patient as possible.

The goal is to improve the body’s shape by removing localized fat accumulations that bother the patient. The combination of safe suction lipectomy and the special bed allows Dr. Man to help the patient achieve more normal body proportions and improve the appearance of the body with or without clothing.

Our fully accredited facilities are equipped with specialized Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers (HBOs) that decrease patients’ swelling and inflammation in a very significant way, thus improving and speeding up the healing process.

We also utilize specialized controlled radio frequencies, such as REFIT by Viora or ThrmiRF in combination with liposuction, advanced IPL, and laser technologies like the Sharplight platform, to tighten up and treat remaining loose skin.

Specialized lipossage is another step used to control the temporarily backed-up lymphatic system and re-establish new channels for draining the fluid accumulations that occur during the first few weeks following the suction lipectomy.

Suction lipectomy is not an adequate treatment for general obesity. We can help these patients with a special diet that allows them to shed unwanted pounds and get rid of the well-defined localized accumulations of fat deposits.

Weight loss and body transformation goals may only be partially met with liposuction alone. That is why we incorporate lifestyle changes and many more technological advancements to make our patients’ lives easier in achieving these goals.

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