Why and how is face lift in man different than the one performed in woman

The “Man Lift” – a Revolutionary Face and Neck Lift Designed for Men

When it comes to having a facelift, men are more hesitant due to a number of reasons:

  • Social – What would people say and think of me?
  • Physical – Men usually have short hair and are worried about their inability to hide the visible scars around the ears. Most facelifts look somewhat unnatural and, therefore, are less visibly pleasing.
  • Lack of confidence in their surgeons – Doctors usually perform facelifts on women, so they do not take into consideration the unique characteristics of a man’s skin and bone structure.

Dr. Man has succeeded in resolving these issues and created the “Man Lift.” This revolutionary facelift is designed to suit the specific needs of today’s men who find themselves living longer, working harder, exercising more, and having to compete with younger men at work and in social situations.

Dr. Man’s “Man Lift” takes into consideration all of these parameters and offers men:

  • No visible incisions – The incisions are hidden inside and behind the ears so that no one will know you have had a facelift.
  • No loss of hair and no distortion of the hairline – With Dr. Man’s technique, you do not have to worry about hair loss or changes to your hairline.
  • No deformity of the ears – Your ears will not go down, thus avoiding the “pulled” look you often see in other facelifts.
  • Fewer hematomas – Men have more blood vessels in their facial skin because of the hair follicles. With Dr. Man’s technique, fewer hematomas are caused during surgery which leads to a faster and more convenient healing process.
  • Active recovery – In our facility you will find the best personnel and equipment to help you heal:

    a. Registered nurses – You will be taken care of by registered nurse 24/7.

    b. Hyperbaric chambers – These chambers will enable a faster healing process by supplying your body with increased levels of oxygen, which is helpful for healing.

    c. Different modalities such as laser to help you heal faster.

Why and how is a “facelift” procedure in men different from a facelift on women?

Dr. Man’s Approach to Men’s Facelifts

After 30 years of experience as a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Man believes that men can reverse the aging process in a natural and inconspicuous way without having to worry about issues such as:

  • Visible scars
  • Hair loss and hairline distortion
  • Pulled look
  • Deformity of the ears
  • Other such issues you see with the conventional way in which plastic surgeons perform facelifts.

Dr. Man has spent years developing this new, advanced technique (published in the Aesthetic Journal October 2009, “Can ear deformity be prevented in a face lift?”) that enables him to operate and create totally hidden incisions placed inside the ears so no one will be able to tell you had a facelift. In addition, Dr. Man also uses the patient’s own fat to restore a fuller, youthful face along with a special procedure that prevents the ear from drifting downwards to give you a younger, natural look that will last for years and give you the advantage you need in today’s world.

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