Bikini Ready in Just 4 Days

The advanced lipoabdominalplasty procedure delivers excellent results for both women and men with an unwanted excess of abdominal fat and skin predominantly caused by holiday binging. Patients who consult with Dr. Man are often mothers or formerly obese patients who have lost significant weight.

This procedure is safer and more effective than the traditional tummy tuck or lipoabdominalplasty. It is first done by the liposuction of the love handles and abdomen.

This keeps the blood supply intact while removing the unwanted fat from these problematic areas. The skin is then separated from the lower abdominal wall without the risk to the patient as caused by the standard, more commonly used procedure. At this point, the skin lift is performed in the center portion of the abdomen and the repair is done underneath it. During the procedure, the underlying abdominal muscles are tightened in order to improve the definition and the firmness of the abdomen’s mid-section.

This advanced method reduces the trauma caused by standard methods, and it also allows for less pain and a shorter recovery time. With this advanced method, patients are able to return to normal activities within four to seven whereas with traditional tummy tucks, a much longer recovery time is needed.

Patients report great results after having Dr. Man’s advance lipoabdominalplasty for abdominal fat and excess skin or for stretch marks and sagging flabby skin associated with pregnancy. Patients are able to hide the incision within their new bathing suits. Dr. Man asks patients to bring in their bikinis so he can hide the incision inside the suit line.

Patients report that no matter how much weight they have lost or how much they have exercised, they are unable to get rid of their muffin top and loose skin. Dr. Man recommends special exercises prior to surgery in order to allow for a faster recovery. He also recommends climbing stairs a few days after the procedure without hunching over.

After the recovery, patients report a flat stomach with a non-disturbed belly button and are able to fit in smaller clothes. Patients are able to return to work in a week to 10 days without a need for heavy pain medication.

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