What are the stumbling blocks in achieving perfection?

First and foremost, it is hard to get ideal results, but it is better to try to achieve them than to ignore these highly advanced methods.

If there is much loose skin, that loose skin will remain an issue for years to come, especially as our body gets older. Other factors like weak muscles, yo-yo dieting, and skin cellulite (a nickname for skin dimpling that was present before surgery) will remain after surgery as well. Our skin elasticity has time limits, and using the radio frequencies known as REFIT will help achieve some of our goals.

Some of the immediate risks include bruising and numbness, but these are usually temporary in nature. Infections can occur but are usually very rare. Skin dimpling or other irregularities can occur, although rarely.

It is important to consider age and skin looseness. When both are at early stages, it is easier to get a better result, but it can be done at older ages as well, perhaps with some delays in achieving these goals.


I like to perform the procedure under light sedation, and our board-certified M.D. anesthesiologists will discuss the details of the anesthesia beforehand.

I like to use generous amounts of tumescent fluids and to help separate these extra fat accumulations using the newly shaped Tickle Lipo systems. I also like to use ultrasound and laser systems to improve the end results.

I shape the entry sites in a special way that helps make them hardly noticeable. I use absorbable sutures to close these entry sites that heal rapidly. Our staff helps at end of procedure by placing compression garments that help in reducing the postoperative swelling for periods of up to six weeks or less, depending on if patients participate in the HBO, lipossage and REFIT program.

Most, if not all, patients have a very quick recovery, and they can return to work two to six days after the procedure has been completed. Patients are encouraged to drink plenty of fluids, and they can return to sport activities in 10 to 14 days, gradually.

The final results of suction lipectomy take about three to six months to see. To book your Consultation with me, please call: (561) 395-5508.