Top 10 Playboy Centerfolds with Breast Implants

Hot centerfolds of Playboy oftentimes try to have natural breasts, but usually many have already had breast implants. However, only some of them pull it off well to make them look like they’re real. Take a look at some of these centerfolds who made it work.

10. Amanda Beard

The famous Olympic swimmer made headlines when she jumped at the opportunity to pose for Playboy. She made it to her first Olympics in 1996 at just 14 years old. Her breasts grew larger from the first time she was in the Olympics to when she posed in 2007.

9. Katarina Witt

The only two-time Olympic figure skating Champion posed nude for Playboy when her career ended after three tires of hitting the Olympics. She achieved notoriety and fame when she posed nude for Playboy right after retiring. She is currently still just rumored to have implants.

8. Daryl Hannah

Daryl is a famous actress who starred in Kill Bill. She received a huge boost after her boobs got larger, so she modeled for Playboy back in 2003. She is most famous for her acting on Splash.

7. Olivia Munn

This star didn’t pose nude in her Playboy cover in 2009, but she splashed on the media after her nude phone pics got leaked. I guess that’s another way to capture naked hotties.

6. Kristy Swanson

The Buffy The Vampire Slayer actress made the cover and looked hot on the cover of Playboy. Her breast implants look obvious from when she was younger. She was on Skating With Celebrities and married her partner, Lloyd Eisler.

5. Joanna Krupa

Joanna was one of the few girls who was famous for her nude photoshoots even before Playboy existed. She made countless centerfolds on places like FHM.

4. Pamela Anderson

Pamela is known for her sex tapes, huge breast implants, naked photoshoots, and even her acting stints in countless films.

3. Jenny McCarthy

Jenny is known for being linked in a marriage to Jim Carrey, but her nude photoshoots and countless pictures on Playboy make her every guy’s dream. Her silicone breasts continue to look stunning as she co-hosts on The View.

2. Cindy Crawford

Cindy has never verbally explained if she has gotten breast implants, but she has appeared in numerous breast implant doctor videos. You can see it in her breasts on her numerous centerfold Playboy pics how rock hard they are.

1. Elle Macpherson

This stunning actress posed nude for Playboy in May of 1994. Her acting career has made her a household name, but her large boobs makes her an even “bigger” name.