Reverse Plastic Surgery – Is it Effective?

While many people who opt for cosmetic plastic surgery are happy with the results, others are unsatisfied and wish to revert to the more natural look they had before the surgery. But is “reverse” plastic surgery effective? The answer largely depends on the type of surgery, the reason the patient is unhappy, and the desired effect he or she wishes to obtain with a reverse surgery. Read on for some common plastic surgeries to learn more about the effectiveness of reversal.

Brow lifts are performed by raising the brow to give a more refreshed look. If you have this surgery done and feel that the effect isn’t dramatic enough, it’s relatively easy for a surgery to raise your brows higher. However, it is very difficult to lower the brows once they’ve been lifted because the skin has been removed. By the same token, eyelid surgery, which is popular in Asian cultures, is nearly impossible to reverse because extra skin has been removed, not added.

Another common plastic surgery mishap is overinflated lips, meaning that too much filler was injected, resulting in an unnatural look. In some cases, a surgeon may be able to reverse this by injecting an enzyme that will help the lips deflate to their original size and shape; however, the effectiveness of this depends what type of filler was originally used.

While breast implants are one of the most common plastic surgeries, some women find that they are unhappy with the extra weight of the new breast. Although the implants can be removed, depending on how long they have been in place, additional surgeries may be necessary to restore the original size and shape of the breast.

When facelift surgery begins to sag, many people wonder if the effects can be reversed and a more natural look restored. Unfortunately, this procedure damages the elasticity of the skin, particularly if the person smokes or has sun damage. If the original surgeon also involved the muscles in the procedure, the effects will last longer and look more natural.

The bottom line? Though some plastic surgeries can be reversed, it’s important to do your research. Finding a reputable surgeon and knowing what to expect before you go through with the procedure will increase your chances of being happy with the results.