3 Examples Where Having Breast Augmentation Saved Someone’s Life

Breast augmentation is often associated with larger and perkier breasts. It’s associated with celebrities and models. It’s also given negative connotations for being fake and plastic. The truth is, there are dozens of reasons why people would undergo breast augmentation. It’s not always purely for cosmetic purposes, and it has saved the lives of many. Here are three cases where having a breast augmentation has saved a life.

Sheyla Hershey Saved In Car Crash

Sheyla Hershey has exceptionally large implants, but she never expected her bosom to save her life. In 2012, her car was wrapped around a tree and almost killed her. She was lucky to have implants that cushioned the blow. The likelihood of her dying from this wreck was high. Her airbags didn’t deploy, but her breasts protected her from severe injury. It sounds silly, but they actually saved her life.

Moscow Woman Survived A Stabbing

It is well known that being stabbed in the chest can be fatal. A Moscow woman was ordered by her husband to undergo breast augmentation about five years before this incident. They were purportedly arguing, and he stabbed her in the chest. It was lucky for her that the knife was stuck inside the implant. It prevented this stabbing from being fatal. Even more surprising was that the implant didn’t leak or become damaged from the blow.

Shooting Victim Survives Thanks To Implants

A shooting victim in Simi Valley, California was shot at in a dental office. Lydia Carranza was shot at by a man who was aiming for his wife. His wife had previously asked for a divorce. Lydia was shot in the chest, and the bullet was only millimeters away from her vital organs. Some experts firmly believe that the saline implant slowed down the projectile. It’s reasonable to believe that an implant would cushion the blow more than flesh would. Even though her implant was damaged from the attack, her life was spared.

Implants As Body Armor

There are tons of scenarios like the ones above, but it’s important to mention that implants shouldn’t be used as body armor. There are plenty of ways that implants can be beneficial, but you shouldn’t count on them to protect you in the case of emergency.