Plastic Surgery and the Importance of Knowledge

In today’s erratic social and economical climate, I am seeing more and more patients who are very educated about the different procedures and options. The Internet and Dr. Google have made it so much easier for patients to get the information they want, according to what they think they need. The downside is that this has created an information bubble – thanks to Google’s indexing of information and custom tailoring of search results to each individual. Patients only get information that is tailored for them, thus missing the full picture.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience, I see this as both a positive and negative thing. Patients are quoting marketing slogans they heard on TV or read online and get fixated on treatments and procedures which are not always the ideal method of treatment best suited for their specific needs.

As part of my patient care and understanding of the direction the market is taking, I have made it my goal to not only be the best educator I can be for the patients coming into my office, but also provide the best information possible to anyone who is interested in learning through my website. At my website, potential patients can get reliable information and sign up for my free seminars where you can come and actively ask questions and talk with real patients who have had the different procedures, thus getting a more comprehensive educational experience.
In today’s extremely fast-paced world, there is a growing trend to find non-surgical replacements to surgical procedures.

Though this does not apply to all cases, thanks to technological advancements, I am now able to treat my patients and achieve excellent results without necessarily going through surgery. This new “non-surgical” approach is very appealing to the growing numbers of busy professionals who either can’t afford and/or don’t want to undergo procedures that require relatively long periods of what we call “downtime.” Due to my experience and innovative nature, I have developed recovery techniques and surgical and non-surgical procedures that require short to no “downtime” periods while providing remarkable results.

As a person looking to improve your physical appearance, you now have the power to not only learn about all the procedures that exist in the world of plastic surgery but to consult with top doctors in your area. My personal suggestion to you as a patient shopping around is to make sure that the doctors you consult with are board certified. This distinction makes a world of difference when it comes to a doctor’s knowledge and ability to treat you. When it comes to your face, body and health do not compromise! There is nothing worse than seeing a reconstructive case where it is obvious that this patient’s troubles and suffering could have been easily prevented by consulting a board-certified plastic surgeon.