My Wobbly Arm Fat Drove Me Crazy, So I Got Arm Fat Surgery

I hated the wobbly fat underneath my arms. It looked like I was carrying saggy bags of jelly under each arm. No matter how much I worked out, the fat wouldn’t go anywhere.  And it just kept getting worse.

I figured that I should maybe just start eating healthier, that maybe combined with hitting the gym I could get rid of it. I dieted for weeks with no noticeable results. I would look in my closet and see all of those cute spaghetti strapped blouses and short to armless shirts that I wanted to wear. But it was a tease every time I looked at my wardrobe.


I felt like I was the butt of one huge universal joke, especially when I was watching the movie “The Nutty Professor” the other day and Eddie Murphy’s character, the crudely funny “Buddy Love”, rudely diagnosed one lady in a restaurant as having “Jello Arms”.


I started looking around for a solution to my problem and saw that I was in good company across the U.S. I found out that it wasn’t really fat in my arms (although that’s what it embarrassingly looks like).

No, it was really just a lot of skin that had lost its elastic nature over time. Most folks that I saw either had it because of fluctuations in weight or because of the fact that they were simply getting older, two things that described me exactly and would explain a whole lot.

The best way to get rid of it was by getting a brachioplasty, or arm lift surgery.

I can’t tell you how much I love the decision that I made to go through with the surgery, but I will say this…my scar is under my armpit, and now a couple months after the procedure it is almost invisible! That was my biggest fear in the beginning, and now that I’ve seen the results I can say that it is definitely worth it to anyone thinking about doing the surgery. Now I don’t have to throw or give away my clothes!

And I’m proud to show off my sexy new arms. Thanks Dr. Man, you’re the best!