Mask Acne Solution in Boca Raton

Preventing Maskne!

Continuous use of face masks may not only complicate ones breathing but can also cause breakouts and other skin issues, but don’t worry Dr. Daniel Man is here to offer Mask Acne Solution in Boca Ratonn. Recently, I have seen a lot more acne cases due to overuse of face masks. Ever since the initial global outbreak of COVID-19 and the mask mandates put forth in effort to stop the spread, face masks have become part of everyday life. Each day we are required to wear face masks for extended hours at a time causing, in some cases, severe acne in adults and young people.

This skin condition has become known as maskne. Maskne occurs when there is friction between our skin and the mask which irritates the hair follicles causing acne. Once there is irritation the wound can become worse as the environment is rich with humidity and moisture creating a breeding ground for bacteria.

When we are forced to constantly wear a face mask skin cells fall off our faces with nowhere else to go landing in our pores causing them to become clogged. This maskne phenomenon has also developed in people who have never previously struggled with acne. As the weather continues to get warmer the maskne will become worse. Heat and moisture will cause the bacteria and fungous to get worse, in turn, delaying the skins ability to heal itself.


How Can Dr. Daniel Man M.D of Boca Raton help you prevent maskne?


Mask Style and Material: If you have chosen a surgical mask it is recommended that you discard at the end of each day, especially in warmer climates. If a multiuse fabric mask is your go to it is important to wash and dry it daily. Additionally, if you have chosen a fabric mask, 100% cotton masks allow for better breathability of the skin.

Skincare Habits: Daily use of masks may cause our skin to become much oilier than we are used to. Sometimes simply changing up our daily skincare products can do the trick. It is recommended to use products that are gentle and light without oils that are also non-comedogenic (does not cause blackheads). Avoid use of sponges or electrical instruments- you can use your fingers to gently rub product onto the skin.

Sunscreen: It is always important to protect the skin that is not shielded by our masks. It is recommended to use sunscreen that is not overly oily and non-comedogenic. For example, Silagen SPF 30 from Newmedical Technology is a great option. Avoid sunscreens that are oil based as they can worsen maskne. Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes prior to using your mask. This time will allow for the skin to absorb the cream and will not form another layer of moisture underneath the mask.

Avoid Makeup: Avoid wearing makeup under your mask as much as possible, especially any thick or heavy foundations that will clog the pores ultimately causing the #maskne to worsen.

What to do if acne wounds or scars occur: Consult with a Board-Certified physician who treats acne conditions. One treatment that Dr. Daniel Man offers is DMMD. DMMD is a non-invasive treatment created by Dr. Man which was designed to treat a wide range of skin conditions including acne and breakouts. This is a two-part treatment with hardly any down time. The propriety cream is applied to the skin and is allowed to dry. Once complete you can return home and resume normal activities. However, the cream must be left on for eight hours. Once the eight hours is up you are permitted to wash the cream off your face. After two weeks, you will return to Dr. Man’s office for your second and final appointment. Once the treatment is complete, you will be given instructions for aftercare and supplies to continue the at-home regimen.