Look Better, Feel Better:

Anti-Aging Breakthrough Techniques

Everyone wants to be at his or her best. Men and women all over the country strive to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet. Basically, a battle has been waged over the past few years to restore the vitality and effortless beauty of youthfulness. Since the beginning of the 21st century, cosmetic techniques and practices have gained momentum in terms of popularity, and more importantly, acceptance.

Although, cosmetic surgical techniques and procedures are constantly being improved with safer procedures that are less traumatic and more effective, we are in a highly charged environment these days with fast paced lifestyles. It can seem as if there is never enough time to do those little nagging tasks of importance, much less take a few weeks out for a surgical recovery.

More individuals are turning to less invasive procedures such as “Lunchtime Procedures” so that they can erase those pesky frown lines in an hour then dash to their appointment, event, function, etc. These days with the dawn of the non-invasive fillers such as the ever-popular Botox, Collagen, Fat Injections, and the recent recommendation of Restylane approval to the FDA’s advisory panel, men and women alike are looking great in no time flat. These lunchtime procedures or quick fixes are rapidly becoming the norm. It would not be surprising to see these injectables becoming as routine as your manicure, pedicure, and your trip to the hair salon.



-FDA approved.
-Great for smoothing wrinkles on forehead, (glabellar region)
-A quick fix.
– I personally love Botox!

-3-6 months lasting ability depending on the individual
-In rare cases could cause bruising or side effect of a droopy eyelid


-FDA Approved.
-Great for lips and nasal labial folds
-Fills wrinkles, scars and lines on face and around lips
-Immediate results
-Lasts up to six months depending on the individual

-Could be Costly
-Not permanent
-Patient has to be skin tested for possible allergic reaction

Fat Injections

-Taken from your own fat, which is great
-No allergic reaction
-Results are variable, but can be permanent

-Body absorbs own fat
-Patient should retain approx. 25-30% depending on the individual
-Could be costly

Restylane / Perlane

-I personally love restylane/perlane. It is MY personal choice.
-Recent recommendation of Restylane approval to the FDA’s advisory panel.
-Great soft tissue filler that adds volume.
-Rarely ever an allergic reaction.
-Can last up to one year.

-Can be costly
-Not permanent

Injectable Silicone

-Not approved for cosmetic use in the United States
-In 1991 the FDA banned its use for wrinkles and facial defects
-Injectable silicone tends to harden, migrate, inflammation and skin necrosis
-In my personal opinion, DO NOT USE

Confidentially speaking, I believe injectables are a great quick fix because there is no downtime. If you would like to find a Board Certified plastic surgeon to fit your specific needs, please call Helen Elliott Enterprises, Inc., toll-free at (888) 433-9091 or (310) 285-8505.
It would be our pleasure to assist you. We believe that the more informed you are the more positive your experience will be.