Listen to your Skin: Facts about UV Radiation and Sun Damage Treatment

Listen to your Skin: Facts about Sun Damage Treatment

UV radiation – the kind present in sunlight – is a term you’ve probably encountered in science class. Small doses of UV radiation are beneficial to the body’s production of vitamin D, while excessive exposure can be outright harmful to one’s health. Sun damage is one of the more dreadful effects of overexposure to UV rays, and it’s not something to be taken lightly.

DM|MD Facial Treatments in Boca Raton, FLThe skin is designed to protect itself from the damaging effects of UV rays by increasing its production of the dark brown pigment known as melanin. Extra melanin, as a result, makes the skin darker or sun-tanned. In some instances, however, sun exposure causes an uneven increase in melanin production that permanently stretches small blood vessels and causes skin discoloration. These two reactions give the skin an unsightly reddish appearance that can only be remedied with a skin treatment for sun damage by surgeons like Dr. Daniel Man MD.

Sun damage treatments vary from surgeon to surgeon, but most involve chemical peels and laser technology. Laser treatments, according to the researchers at the University of Michigan’s Health System Department of Dermatology, can improve sun-damaged skin. Results from the study suggest that even skin with severe sun damage may respond well to laser procedures.

Treating sun damage can be costly depending on the severity of the case. It’s in your best interest to identify whether you’re suffering from a mere sunburn or considerable sun damage. The pain and redness associated with sunburns disappear within a few days; sun damage marks, on the other hand, are permanent. Some symptoms to keep an eye on include abnormal bleeding under the skin, a persistent scaly patch, severe blistering, and dry skin that does not respond to treatment.

Sun damage should be treated immediately because it increases one’s chances of acquiring skin cancer. People with lighter complexions are more at risk, so it’s best to take action pronto. Those who are unable to see a professional for some reason are advised to apply moisturizers daily.

Skin requires adequate protection from UV rays at all times. Professionals like Dr. Daniel Man MD can provide the skin protection and cure you need with effective sun damage treatment methods. Medication is just a phone call away.