J-Plasma® for Neck Rejuvenation

Being a board certified plastic surgeon who deals with aging necks and faces, I developed a special utilization of J-Plasma® energy for neck rejuvenation. I use the combination of tumescent fluid and suction of the neck, reducing the jowls and adding fat injection to rejuvenate the face while re-tightening the neck under local anesthesia.


  • Hidden incisions
  • Local anesthesia with acceptable level of comfort
  • Less than 2 hour procedure
  • Remolding of all layers


The reciprocating cannula delivers back and forth tumescent fluid making the patient fairly comfortable. At same time fat is suctioned from the flanks and abdomen, washed and prepared to be reinjected in needed places of the aging face such as temples, cheek bones, tear trough and NL folds and marionette lines. Some fat is injected to areas rejuvenating the face such as eye brows and other places. I use the plasma energy to surface the platysma muscles and under skin sub-Q to tighten both. By doing so, both surfaces tighten and become firmer at same time.


We are familiar with three states of matters:

1)Gas, 2) liquids and 3) solid. The plasma is fourth state of matter. Plasma energy delivers more adequate and controlled thermal energy. Similar to what we see in a fluorescent light bulb, plasma energy is able to deliver more efficient thermal energy with lesser temperatures then lasers. J-Plasma delivers higher quality than various other heating sources. What allows this to happen? The secret lies within the helium gas that its molecules are excited during the activation of the plasma energy.


Dr. Man’s team will assist you in learning what Dr. Man can do for you. Dr. Man will discuss the procedure with you as well as the various anesthesia options. Dr. Man will recommend stop using medications that can cause more bruising during your procedure. Markings are made, and consents forms are signed.


In Dr. Man’s office we find out if you are indeed willing to have the procedure done under local anesthesia with small amount of oral sedative. If requested we have board certified anesthesiologists who will be please to give you further sedation, if needed.

The entire face and neck is sedated as well as the areas where fat is retrieved. Suction Lipectomy is done using reciprocating cannulas with great comfort. By doing so the highs and lows are evened out and now the cannula is passed with the Helium and radiofrequencies to tighten up the remainder of the SQ surface and muscle, fascia layers that are tightened up. Shaping of the neck and the jowls become clear as the junction between the neck and face become clear. Fat injections are now carried along the anticipated lines and contours of youth.


As with any operation, Dr. Man takes a full history and performs an entire physical exam and ensures you are the right patient and have realistic expectations. It is important to know that while it may improve the face and the neck, J Plasma may not substitute for a complete face and a neck lift. Slow healing and even delayed healing may occur even though these are not anticipated. Thus far the patients that were done were extremely happy with the results so far obtained.