Help, I’ve Got Melasma! These Dark Spots On My Face Have Got To Go

I am officially sick of this melasma that I’ve been dealing with on my face!

The discolored patches are on my face are an awful skin condition that is affecting every aspect of my life. I have never before felt so embarrassed, ashamed, and depressed about my appearance.

It was my mom, who grew up in Barbados, and who gave me this lovely complexion, who knew what was going on with my skin. All I knew was that these weird, colored patches started appearing on my face shortly after I turned 40.

Melasma can sometimes be caused by pregnancy hormones, but most often it’s from sun exposure. In my case, it was the sun that did it. I’ve tried to cover it up with make-up and creams, but nothing really works and I think it’s actually gotten worse recently.

Due to my business (I own a tropical palm tree nursery) I’m outside literally 8 to 12 hours a day. When I think back on all that time with the sun’s rays beating down on me I want to kick myself! Why didn’t I put on a hat? Or at least some sunscreen? Or even some makeup with SPF in it? I have so many regrets and know now that I could have done a lot to prevent this melasma nightmare that I now have to face.

I know that my family and close friends don’t think about my appearance, but I do, and these discolored patches make me so self conscious. My formerly gorgeous skin is marred by these spots and I just want them to go away! I just started testing the whole dating scene again since ending it with “he who must not be named” and I hate that I have to worry about my skin every time I meet someone new.

The bottom line is that I am sick and tired of thinking and worrying about my skin. Many of you recommended that I see a cosmetic surgeon and that’s just what I am going to do! I’ve done my research and am ridiculously excited to get rid of this melasma once and for all! I can’t wait to have my clear skin back! That’s why I’m going to Dr. Man. He was my first pick as a nose surgery Boca Raton specialist and I trust him for this 100%.

Melasma Treatment

Melasma Treatment | Dr. Man

Melasma Treatment | Dr. Man