Getting Adult Acne Treatment: The Twenty-Something’s Saving Grace

Adult Acne Treatment: The Twenty-Something’s Saving Grace

Everything was perfectly fine in high school: you were one of the popular kids – or at least, not in the camp of those who were often bullied – and excelled academically. Other students praised your sartorial choices and clear skin. Now that you’re in your twenties and past the adolescent stage, you can’t help but believe in the same piece of resounding logic: “I can only get prettier”.

Acne Treatments in Boca Raton, FLThings, however, changed one day when a zit popped out of your face. Knowing you hardly had a pimple your whole life, you acquiesced to its unforeseen appearance, thinking it will disappear after a good night’s sleep. Surprisingly, the zit was still there the next day, and several others started appearing all over the face. If you are experiencing a sudden pimple breakout in your twenties, it is a good idea to visit trusted surgeons like Dr. Daniel Man M.D. to get treatment for adult acne.

Acne is a common skin condition that affects about 17 million people in the United States. It is a disorder caused by the excessive production of sebum – the lubricant that naturally moisturizes the skin and hair – by the skin’s oil glands. Excessive sebum can lead to the appearance of pustules, cysts, and blackheads, usually in areas like the neck, chin, and jaw.

Most acne cases occur during puberty, the time when the body produces hormones known as androgens for males, and estrogens for females. The sebaceous glands are extremely sensitive to these hormones, causing the glands to enlarge and secrete even more sebum. Yet the end of puberty does not necessarily spell the end of acne. In fact, adults aged 20 to 60 may be prone to breakouts due to several reasons including pregnancy, menstruation, polycystic ovary syndrome, and psychotropic medications like lithium and steroids.

Treating adult acne is not as simple as it sounds. Most acne medications are formulated with oily teenaged skin in mind, making them a bad choice for dry adult skin. A skin treatment from an experienced professional like Dr. Daniel Man M.D. is still your best hope to restore beautiful, clear skin in your adult years.

Clear, acne-free skin enhances beauty and builds unflinching confidence. Never let the agony of adult acne rain on your parade. If you wish to preserve your clear skin and youthful beauty, you can also undergo treatment for aging skin.