Get that Beach Body

Staying at any of the luxurious resorts in Boca Raton is an experience in itself, but showing off your hot stuff by the beach may be half the reason you’re in town. Florida’s the state for bikinis, after all, where every pretty girl sporting a two-piece can instantly turn heads. However, you may not have enough confidence to flaunt what you’ve got if certain parts of your body are less than perfect.

It’s a cruel world, but not everyone is blessed with shapely, bronzed bodies. Dark patches of skin can look undesirable to onlookers, and skin that’s riddled with flaws just won’t cut it. So before you hit the beach, you might want to consider melasma treatment and breast augmentation in Boca Raton.

Melasma refers to a skin pigment disorder that results in discolored, dark patches of skin. This skin condition mostly affects women, particularly pregnant ones, although it can also affect those who are taking certain medications. Melasma is not life-threatening, but it sure can hamper a girl’s self-confidence.

Effective treatment for melasma usually involves the application of a topical skin-depigmenting agent like hydroquinone to encourage the skin’s production of melanin, the primary substance that determines skin color. A chemical peel, if done correctly, can lift out the dark spots. These days, quite a number of patients also choose safe, painless, and effective laser treatments that target melanin in the deep dermal layers.

Aside from having flawless skin, the desire to have a well-proportioned silhouette is another common concern. In this regard, many women have extolled the benefits of breast augmentation as a way to achieve the perfect beach body. In a typical procedure, the plastic surgeon creates a small incision through which a pre-filled or inflatable implant is inserted. Just as with melasma, it’s important to see a trusted plastic surgeon like Dr. Daniel Man, M.D. to ensure the best results.

Florida’s all about the sun, surf, sand—and skin. While there’s sure to be an abundance of the first three, the latter may need some work. Luckily, it’s nothing your trusted plastic surgeon can’t handle. Within months, you can achieve the kind of physique and skin you’ve always wanted.