Weight loss and wellness go hand in hand to ensure optimal health. Dr. Daniel Man, a Florida board-certified plastic surgeon, works with Dr. Ronnie Mantin Galison to create total health plans that integrate weight loss and wellness for people living in Boca Raton, FL and the surrounding communities, who want to lose weight and achieve optimal health and wellness.

What is Wellness and Weight Loss?

A true wellness and weight loss program ensures that the body is healthy, nourished, and exercised without causing damage and pain, creating wellness from the inside out. Dr. Ronnie combines cutting-edge nutritional science with supportive, individualized coaching to help patients achieve their weight loss and wellness goals quickly, with little to no pain.

There is a mind-body connection of “What the mind conceives, the mind achieves.” With correct coaching through the weight loss process, patients learn how to visualize and enjoy life at a healthy weight and with a positive, confident mindset.

Using the highest-quality, all-natural products, Dr. Ronnie shows patients how to lose three to five pounds a week while tackling individual wellness issues, including stress, fatigue, menopausal changes, or any number of factors blocking them from feeling great. Her proven approach is designed to help achieve harmony in all areas of health and wellness.

Benefits of Weight Loss and Wellness

Following this plan towards weight loss and wellness, patients get the tools and support to achieve structured weight loss while maintaining muscle strength. The plan offers the following benefits:

  • A balanced diet with the right foods
  • Individualized plans for supplements
  • Customized exercise plans based on age and fitness level
  • Guidance on how to manage stress and how to sleep better
  • Guidance in mastering moderation, balance, and emotional wellness in all aspects of life

More Than Just a Weight Loss Program As her effusive testimonials show, Dr. Ronnie has helped clients accomplish much more than simply lose weight. Her expertise and caring, combined with the unparalleled medical benefits of Dr. Ronnie’s customized plans, brings results. She helps women and men of all ages boost natural energy, eliminate sugar cravings, make positive lifestyle changes – and, most importantly, gain a sense of empowerment over their physical and mental well-being.

A Special Approach

While Dr. Ronnie helps clients achieve weight-loss goals, she focuses on helping you make lifestyle changes to maintain your results. She continues to check in with you and offer encouragement like a caring friend. And she remains a cell phone call away if you encounter any stumbling blocks. Ultimately, she teachers you to put the power in your own hands and achieve the ultimate goal – inner beauty.

With Dr. Ronnie’s weekly, one-on-one guidance, you get the tools and support to achieve structured weight loss while maintaining muscle strength. With her help, you will:

  • Eat a balanced diet with the right foods for you
  • Supplement with the right supplements for you
  • Exercise according to your age and fitness level
  • Manage rest, and learn how to sleep better
  • Master moderation, balance and emotional wellness

Customized Plans for Weight Loss and Wellness

Dr. Ronnie helps clients achieve weight-loss goals and make lifestyle changes to maintain the results. The programs are customized for each patient based on their needs. The plans are science-based and include the following:

Standard Process

For almost nine decades, this company has been providing vitamins and nutritional supplements straight from nature – the actual whole food state where natural potency and effectiveness can be realized. By overseeing the agriculture behind these superlative products, Standard Process ensures the highest quality of its ingredients from seed to supplement.

Purium Cleanse

For anyone seeking a 100% organic, vegan cleanse, whether, for weight loss or simply to boost health, Dr. Mantin offers the marvelous Purium Cleanse. This patented, pre-digested protein provides super-high nutrients such as power greens and grains that completely satisfy, feed and protect the body’s cells; and supplies provides antioxidants that promote cellular, cleansing, detox and elimination. This program can easily be combined with Ideal Protein to suit individual needs and preferences.

Appetite Control

Dr. Mantin not only teaches the science behind diet and lifestyle changes that will reset your metabolism and boost your energy, but can help you specifically target appetite control. As part of her overall program, for example, she can introduce you to SlimROAST, an Italian dark roast coffee with natural ingredients that control appetite and regulate sugar absorption among other benefits.

How Much Does Weight Loss and Wellness Cost?

The cost of weight loss and wellness varies with each patient as each plan is customized to meet their needs. During a consultation, Dr. Ronnie discusses the details of the cost as well as payment options and financing.

What Do I Do Next?

If you have gotten to a point where you are tired of being overweight and not feeling good, we recommend you schedule a consultation with Dr. Ronnie to discuss how weight loss and wellness can benefit you. During this appointment, she reviews your medical history and current health status, as well as your lifestyle, so that she can recommend a plan that is best suited to your needs.

Dr. Ronnie Mantin Galison works with people living in Boca Raton and the surrounding communities who are overweight and dealing with physical issues to help them on a journey to optimal health. Please contact us to set up your consultation today.