Top 10 Surgeries For Strippers & Exotic Dancers

Everyone knows that not all bodies are created equal, but with diet, exercise, and plastic surgery, anybody can be beautiful.

And in the line of works known as stripping, and exotic dancing, appearance is everything. And in South Florida, the perfect body is a career investment that pays in dividends.

Here are our Top 10 simple surgeries for strippers, and enhancements for exotic dancers and escorts that will improve appearance, boost confidence, maximize self esteem, and make the most of your assets. Be sure to visit and schedule an appointment immediately!

10. Rhinoplasty
Ask any dancer about the secret to connecting with an audience and she will tell you “eye contact.” However, it is harder to establish this connection if your nose is in the way. A simple rhinoplasty insures that the eyes of others lock with yours, instead of with your nostrils.


9. Ear Surgery
It may sound strange, but the ear is actually a focal point for balance and symmetry in the human form. Ears that protrude from the head excessively are often unjustifiably ridiculed, and severely distract from what could otherwise be considered a perfect body.


8. Lip Augmentation
Luscious lips have always been a common aphrodisiac in American culture. A nice pump up might be all you need to idealize your look.



7. Facelift
From wrinkles to crow’s feet, from hanging fat, to saggy skin, the myriad cosmetic problems that age causes to the human face can be easily corrected with cosmetic surgery. This simple procedure quickly and affordably knocks the years off.



6. Lipoabdominoplasty
The classic “Tummy Tuck” is perfect for those ladies who have just had babies and improves the look, feel, and elasticity of skin around the waist.



5. Arm Rejuvenation
Because every dancer’s worst enemy is “old flabby grandma arms”



4. Cellulite Treatment
Aging, smoking, starvation and dehydration are actually things that increase your chances of getting more cellulite. Many women cite it as their least favorite physical attributes, but luckily there are treatments to alleviate the visual impact of cellulite on your body.



3. 3D-Buttockplasty
This surgery takes fat off your thighs and lifts your butt up to look like a ripe apple.



2. Vaginal Rejuvenation
Many women have questions about how they can cosmetically improve the appearance of their vagina. Thanks to medical science, breakthroughs have been made to carefully and exponentially improve the appearance of the vagina to maximize a woman’s self confidence in her appearance.



1. Breast Augmentation
Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popularly requested, researched, and satisfying procedures for a reason. Women love the renewed vigor, strong and attractive appeal, and overall renewed sense of wonder at their newly enhanced body after a great breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Man is one of the most popular breast augmentation doctors in South Florida.