Top 10 Reasons To Get A Boob Job; Breast Augmentation Rules!

When I first thought about getting breast augmentation surgery, I tried come up with all kind of excuses not do it. I tried to convince myself that getting my boobs done was giving into chauvinistic principles about how women are always judged by their bodies and not their brains. Until one day I came to the realization there is nothing more powerful than a woman who is confident in her body as she is her mind. Here are my top ten reasons why Breast augmentation surgery gave me a healthier, happier, and most importantly, sexually fulfilling life:

10. You will conquer the world.

Think of Breast augmentation surgery like a weekend at a Tony Robbins seminar but without all the babble.

9. No more saggy breasts.

As we get older or have kids, gravity can become our biggest enemy. Before you know it, your breasts will sag down to China. Breast implants eliminates that.

8. Implants are safe products.

Whether saline or silicone gel, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration test breast implants to make sure they will not harm a woman’s body.

7. Both breasts will be the same size.

There are women out there with one breast the size of a melon and the other the size of a golf ball. Breast implants make sure both are the same shape and size.

6. Breast augmentation surgery is a lifetime investment

Because implants can last decades and are extremely durable.

5. You’ll be showing off those new puppies in no time.

The surgery generally takes one to two hours and many women return to work within days of getting the procedure.

4. It’s like shopping for a luxury car.

With only seven types of implants by three manufacturers on the market, fake breasts are exclusive products. Although you can still get breast implants in any shape, size or profile.

3. Shopping for clothes will be easier.

These days, it’s hard to find blouses and shirts for a woman sporting anything less than a C cup. With breast augmentation surgery you will be able to fill out your clothes perfectly.

2. You’ll get that hour glass figure you always wanted.

With a pair of breast implants, you’ll say good bye to that pear-shaped shadow in no time.

1. You’ll look and feel younger by getting breast augmentation surgery.