Anonymous Patient

I am a 76 years old woman. I have always been slim. But with age and the lack of exercise during the past five years, a lot of fat had accumulated on my waist, hips and abdomen. I decided to have liposuction, a tummy tuck, my breasts and lower eyelids done. When I consulted Dr. Man, he did not make promises he could not keep. He told me what to expect. The results exceeded my expectations. Now I have a waist again. I have a flat tummy and the skin on the abdomen is smooth. Dr. Man reshaped the whole area and gave it a contour it used to have. My new breasts are just as gorgeous. Dr. Man literally gave me back the body of my youth. My big worry however is to figure out how am I going to keep it this way. In addition to the truly amazing surgery, what I liked about Dr. Man was his kindness, his caring and his patience. After the surgery, I spent 4 days in his recovery facility. He came to see me every day and in between was in touch with his staff to find out how I was feeling. His staff is in his own image. They are kind, devoted, attentive, and compassionate. With him and his staff I experienced the highest quality of care. Beautifully done plastic surgery is, to me, the key to a better mental health. It makes you look good and when you look good you feel good. I would recommend Dr. Man to anyone expecting good results in plastic surgery.