Everything You Need to Know Before and After Getting a Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures and can give you the nose you are looking for. If you find a qualified plastic surgeon to perform your surgery, you can really improve your outer appearance. However, it is very important to do proper research before getting a nose job. Here are some things you should know before getting rhinoplasty.

Avoid Certain Medications

It is important to avoid medications that contain ibuprofen and aspirin for two weeks before and after surgery. These medications can increase bleeding and prolong the recovery process.

Take Some Time Off Work

If you want to get rhinoplasty, you should plan to take 7-10 days off work. This surgery can lead to bruising and swelling, causing some discomfort. You should stay in the comfort of your own home and only go out when it is absolutely necessary.

Do not Expect Final Results for a Year

If you decide to get a nose job, know that you will have to be patient with the results. All of the swelling can take up to a year to go completely down. It is important to have the big picture in mind and not get frustrated with the wait time.

Avoid Exercise for a Few Weeks

Exercise is another thing you should avoid after your rhinoplasty. If you try to work out too soon, it can increase swelling and bleeding. You should not attempt to do any exercises for at least three to four weeks after your surgery.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Although it is always a good idea to protect your skin from the sun, it is especially important after you get rhinoplasty. If you expose your nose to the sun after your surgery, it can lead to discoloration. Always remember to apply sunscreen before you go outside.

Rhinoplasty is a big decision and should not be taken lightly. It is important to consider all of the positives and negatives before going through with the surgery. Also, make sure to choose a plastic surgeon who has specific experience with performing nose job surgeries.