Dr. Man’s Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Hurricane Preparedness Tips Can Save Your Life

Tips on hurricane preparedness can not only save your property, but your life, too. Preparing in advance is ideal. However, what better time to reinforce and share hurricane preparedness tips than right as one is about to strike? A positive about an imminent hurricane strike is having plenty of time to prepare. Other natural disasters don’t allow you any preparation time.

Another positive about a hurricane is that Floridians have much experience with these. Floridians have been hit by hurricanes regularly throughout the years. Hurricane season extends between June 1st and November 1st. As we speak, Florida is about to be impacted by the first major hurricane in over a decade. Traveling as a Category 4, Hurricane Matthew bears great strength, also extending over 500 miles wide.

The following two websites provide the latest details on final check list preparations. Both NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and the National Hurricane Center offer useful tips to guide you with hurricane preparations. You may access this website here.

The U.S. government also provides excellent resources on how you may prepare your home in the event of a hurricane. You may access this website on hurricane readiness and preparedness here.

While much of the information on these two sites are the same, have a look at the most important factors to keep handy below:


  • Prepare before hurricane season starts. Pacific hurricane season starts May 15 and Atlantic hurricane season starts June 1.
  • Create an emergency communication plan with your family before a hurricane.
  • Have emergency supplies in place at home, at work, and in the car.
  • Check your insurance coverage. Damages caused by flooding are not covered under your normal homeowner’s insurance policies.
  • Know your local community’s evacuation plan and evacuation routes and how to receive alerts.
  • Listen to local officials.

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