Common Myths About Modern Day Plastic Surgery

When it comes to plastic surgery, many people think they know all there is to this matter, but they are wrong. There are plenty of myths running around, which are plain untrue. That’s why it is important to debunk these rumors and instead promote what modern day plastic surgery really entails.

One of the biggest myths about plastic surgery is that it is only meant for women. Today, it is extremely common for men to go under the knife to improve their appearance. In fact, some of the most popular procedures among guys are botox, hair transplantation and laser hair removal. While it is often portrayed in the media that women are the only ones who care about what they look like, plastic surgery is showing that this is certainly not the case. Men want to look their best as well.

Another myth is that plastic surgery creates huge, unsightly scars. While there will still be a scar left over, since the surgeon is making an incision in the skin, there are ways to go about this that will minimize the appearance. A lot of times, a surgeon will opt for making an incision in a part of the skin where there are natural creases, so the scar is somewhat, if not completely hidden. Besides this, surgeons also aim to place the scar in a spot where it can blend right in with the surrounding skin texture and color. This way outsiders won’t even be able to see the scar.

Then, there is the myth that breast augmentation leads to breast cancer, which is definitely not true. According to the Institute of Medicine, breast implants play no role on whether or not an individual develops breast cancer. That is why these individuals must still go through with breast screenings for cancer regularly. Similar to this, there is a myth that breast augmentation makes breast feeding dangerous. Once again, this is untrue. While breast milk does end up taking in some of the silicon from breast implants, the actual amount of this is so small, making it completely harmless for an infant.

Since plastic surgery is still relatively new, there is always going to be myths swirling around about it. That is why if someone chooses to go have a procedure performed, they should inform themselves of exactly what they’re getting involved with. There should never be any room for misunderstandings.