Best Exercises for Trimming Belly Fat Fast

Get Rid Of Belly Fat Fast

Who doesn’t want to show a firmly sculpted belly? Unfortunately, too many people have unwanted belly fat and think that doing a lot of crunches can get rid of it. Instead of crunches, look for exercises that work your entire core- which includes muscles in your lower back, hips, and upper thighs.

Using core exercises will help you work more efficiently, burn more calories, and see that toned belly you were dreaming of. Here are three exercises to help you do it.

Side Plank

How it works- Side planks support your entire body on two points instead of four, making stabilization a lot harder.

How to do it-
(1) Keep your legs stacked and lie on your right side with your elbow directly beneath your shoulder. Then take your left hand and put it on your shoulder or hip.
(2) Lift your hips off the ground by firmly bracing your abs. You should be balancing on your forearm and feet. Look to hold this position for 30 to 40 seconds. Then switch sides and repeat.

Alligator Crawl

How it works – Your whole body is activated to keep your core stable and at the same time you are burning calories because of movement.

How to do it-
(1) You’ll need a surface with minimal friction. You can use paper plates on carpeted areas and towels on wood or tile surfaces.
(2) Get yourself in a push-up position with your feet on your mobilization devices.
(3) Now walk forward from your push-up position. Aim for at least 10 yards. Pause and hold for 60 to 90 seconds and then alligator walk to your starting position. This completes one set. Repeat.

Donkey kickbacks

How it works – This works several muscles at the time and burns major calories. Your entire core is engaged as you stabilize your core on one leg.

How to do it-
(1) Keep your toes tucked under as you kneel on all fours. Keep your back in a neutral position.
(2) With your abs engaged, lift both knees about 2 inches from the ground.
(3) Bring your right knee to your nose and then kick behind you while squeezing your butt. Do this 8 times and then switch legs.

With these three moves in your arsenal, you’ll see a toned belly in no time flat!