10 Foods You Should Avoid at All Costs

The following foods will make you gain weight, take away vital energy, spur on inflammation and take the place of the nutritious foods that you should be consuming. They may be tempting, but try your best to avoid these foods at all costs.

1. Popcorn at the movie theater

Movie theater popcorn is popped in coconut oil, and this oil contains almost 95% fat. Movie theaters offer portion sizes that are way too big, and finally, they load each kernel with exorbitant amounts of butter and salt.

2. Hot dogs

The majority of calories in hot dogs stem directly from saturated fat. Processed meats in any form have been known to be associated with colon cancer and even heart disease. Turkey or chicken dogs are better options.

3. Trail mix

Nutritionists and dietitians agree that consuming a small handful of nuts each day can greatly benefit your health, but combining nuts with sugary dried fruits, chocolates and tons of salt is not at all healthy. In addition, while a handful of nuts is healthy, too many nuts can make you gain weight as they contain large amounts of fat.

4. Power bars and granola bars

Like trail mix, power bars and granola bars have a good reputation, but the truth is, they are more like candy bars than anything. Many of these products have way too many calories and fat grams for the amount of energy they offer.

5. Breakfast toaster pastries

These pastries are produced with tons of sugars and white flour, and the fruit flavors have nothing to do with real fruit. The treats cause high blood sugar that spikes and leaves consumers in a sugar crash directly after.

6. Signature sushi rolls

Even though many forms of sushi are very healthy, some restaurants that offer signature rolls can be detrimental. Bad signature rolls include ingredients like cream cheese, fried fishes and veggies and even mayonnaise. These are all packed with unhealthy calories, carbs and fats.

7. Whole milk

Many people think that whole milk is the epitome of health. Nothing could be farther than the truth. Whole milk contains healthy doses of vitamin D and calcium, but all of this is trumped by the fact that it also contains exorbitant amounts of fat and unhealthy calories.

8. Bagels

Because of their denseness, bagels have a very high glycemic index, and this makes them cause inflammation and increase insulin in an unhealthy way. They also make people gain weight quickly.

9. Fast-food salads

A salad made mindfully with lots of vegetables, healthy fruits and nuts can be great for you, but some pre-made or fast-food salads contain way too much cheese and meat, and their dressings can give them more calories than a cheeseburger.

10. Frozen dinners

Even diet frozen dinners and microwavable steam bags of vegetables can contain half of your recommended salt intake for a day. These products have so many additives and preservatives in them because they are made to last for months in your freezer. Choose fresh meals, and avoid these.